10 Diet Rules For Perfect Shape

Diet RulesTrying to lose weight with dieting? You need to be very careful about how you diet as a good plan should never compromise with the wellbeing of your body.

Human body has a very different metabolism than any other species and we have the best digestion system among that of other omnivorous animals. Whatever we eat and drink shows in our shape and skin, so dieting or controlling your eating habits is essential to lose weight but not at the cost of weakening out internal systems.

Obese people diet but often in a very unhealthy way, which leads to more accumulation of fat and eventually makes the body very weak in every aspect. You cannot stop eating food but there is a huge difference between eating for need and eating out of cravings. Take a look on all the dieting rules listed below and include them in your daily life to lose weight and stay in shape in all seasons.

Evaluate your hunger

Do you feel hungry all the while and keep eating to satisfy your stomach? Probably it’s not your stomach but something else that is asking you to have more. Many crave for good food because they like one particular food or item.

Suppose you love chocolates, you will see that you will have the motivation to hit the fridge, especially when someone is not around you. When people suffer from setbacks on the emotional, psychological and professional front, you tend to eat more.

Diet Rule 1:

Eat your food only when you are hungry and not ever hour. You can split your diet in as many parts as you want but quantities have to be same. If you have a few pistachios, keep two pieces with you at a time and keep the rest away.  You will see that you have controlled your cravings by controlling the amounts you eat, as simple as that!

Diet Rule 2; Don’t skip your first meal

Like to wake up in the morning or not, you cannot skip your breakfast. Include salads and raw vegetables with fresh fruit juice and have as much water as you can. Experts say that breakfast triggers the metabolism rate and you will have more energy throughout the day.

Diet Rule 3; Turn into vegetarian

Most animal flesh, except a few like chickens, cannot be fully digested by our stomach. If you are planning to go on a strict diet, take the vegetarian route and cut off all heavy meats like beef, pork. You can let yourself indulge in all delicious non-vegetarian snacks and meals once in a fortnight.

Diet Rule 4; Choose healthy and light snacks

Snacking is like a habit to many. Some people like to eat at work while others do it in their leisurely time. But what you eat is important. Avoid the butter popcorn and have low calorie baked cookies instead.

Most calories come through snacks like chips, mixtures and fried items. Make your own snacks at home and use olive oil instead of vegetable oil. You will much variety to eat while maintaining your shape.

Diet Rule 5; Maintain a balanced diet

Your body needs everything in right proportions. You have to ensure that you eat fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, roughage and vitamins in one item or the other.

If you completely remove oil or fatty acids, you body might get many problems and you will see notice your skin is dryer than before. Have everything and in limited proportions, that’s the best diet for losing weight.

Diet For Body Shape

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Diet Rule 6; Avoid beer

While whiskey or vodka might be injurious to your health for numerous reasons, beer is mostly responsible for weight gain.  Once in week is still permissible to men but for women, it is best suggested that stay faithful to ladies drinks.

Diet Rule 7; Take brown rice

Lovers of white rice might have more obesity problems than those who eat breads. If you can’t avoid rice, take brown rice. It low on starch and calories and is more easily digestible. In case you cook in the pan, ensure you drain the water to get the starch manually removed.

Diet rule 8; Keep yourself hydrated:

Water is life and your body needs water for almost every process including weight loss. To maintain your health and keep your body hydrated; take as much water as you can. Your attempts to stay in shape will rewarded, just drink water like a fish.

Diet Rule no 9; Cook your food right

Salad Diets are not everyone’s taste but you can induce changes in your cooking habits to see the difference in your weight. Try to cook most vegetables and meats in the oven as you will save lot of oil and eat healthy. However ensure that you don’t overcook your food and lose its natural nutritional value.

Diet Rule No 10; Don’t follow quick dieting tips

There are diets that you might come across which tell you to starve. But always remember that eating process can be altered but not escaped. Most quick and fast dieting tips are very hampering in the long run. Your aim is to eat healthy and rightly, not fight for getting some nutrition.

You can’t let your body suffer in the process of getting in shape. This is a fundamental concept that most people forget. Dieting with exercise is essential to maintain your shape and lose the extra flab but always ensure that you start the process after adequate research.

Take the help of a dietician and trainer to build up a work schedule that suits your body. Note your weight on the start of the schedule and see the changes after a week. Only through constant updating and monitoring of your workout, you can get a body that will turn heads.

Men who are trying to build some extra muscles must follow the guidelines of high protein diet for faster results. For the obese and the women folks, you have all the diet rules listed above to stay healthy and stay in shape.

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