5 Week Diet Plan for the to be Bride

Brides have to look at their best when it is their wedding day and flabby belly and ugly thighs are certainly not going to support this. So here is a 5 week plan for diet to get slim. For the first week, in breakfast, take egg white omlette with 2 slices of bran bread and a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Then for the lunch, take a bowl of sprouts, 1 cup vegetable, 1 cup curd and some salad. In the mid afternoon, take green tea with 6 almonds and finally for dinner, stick to 2 garlic bread, 1 bowl of mushroom should, roasted chicken or fried vegetables.

For the second week, take boiled egg sandwich, orange juice and dry figs for breakfast. For lunch, take 2 cups whole pulse salad and a cup of curd. Mid afternoon meal has to be green tea with oat biscuit. For the dinner, you can take a cup of boiled cereals, cup of sprouts, 1 cup vegetable and a glass of thin buttermilk.

For third week, breakfast includes 1 cup of skimmed milk, a pear and some dates. In lunch, take a cup of sprouts and dal, fish or chicken and some salad. In the evening, take a bowl of vegetable salad and dinner has to be a bowl of soup plus frilled fish or chicken.

For the fourth week which is curtail one, in breakfast, take 1 serving of cereals with slim milk and dry fruits. In lunch, take some chicken. For the mid afternoon, take herbal tea with almonds and in dinner only soup. 5th and the last week must be followed strictly.

In this you take eggs on toast, fresh fruit juice and dry fruits in breakfast, in mid morning take green tea. In lunch, have some veg fried rice, clear soup and stir fried veg. some coconut water in evening and for dinner, stick to salad and a cup of vegetables.

So by following this 5 week meal plan, the brides is most likely to get radiant skin, look fitter and better than ever. So do follow it strictly and get gorgeous.