8 Important Health Benefits Of Milk

Milk was earlier considered to be a complete food. Though now some people call it a myth, still the several benefits of milk on our health cannot be denied. Milk has all the nutrients, except vitamin C and iron.

From newborns to senior citizens all are familiar with milk. There is probably no one whose mother has not chased him or her with a glass of milk during childhood. You can either love it or you can hate it, but you cannot ignore it.

Health Benefits Of Milk

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It contributes to almost every aspect of being healthy. Clinically, the adults are advised to take the low fat milk. We can easily say that milk is similar to any health drink by closely looking at all the benefits of milk.

8 Important Health Benefits Of Milk

Helps To Fight Diseases

Milk prevents many fatal diseases and also helps us to fight them.


It reduces the risk of diseases like cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. It fights the colon cancer with its calcium and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is not anymore a problem only for adults. Children are becoming its victim too. Researchers have found that regular intake of milk cut downs this risk of having diabetes during any stages of life.

Type 2 Diabetes

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It may be due to all the nutrients present in milk, like magnesium and calcium. The low glycaemic index also helps to manage blood sugar problem.


Here is a common misconception that milk makes us fat. But the truth is that milk helps to lose weight, mainly from the tummy area. The mechanism involved in this process is still unclear, but a number of scientists say that it is because of the presence of calcium in milk.

Heart Diseases

Among the several benefits of this health drink, one is to fight the risk of heart diseases. Regular consumption of milk cuts down the risk. In fact recent studies have proved that too. Those who drink more milk daily are prone to have fewer heart attacks.

Heart Diseases

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Studies also show that higher consumption of calcium helps to balance the level of the bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Both the types are important to control cardiovascular issues. It also balances the level in the blood increasing. Potassium content present in milk helps to protect the heart.

Teeth and Bone

The essential nutrients for having strong bones are vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. Milk is one of the rare foods that contain all of them. It helps to build a strong bone structure. Those who drink milk regularly are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis.

The phosphorous and calcium contents in milk help in having a good set of teeth. Milk is recommended by the dentist as well. Apart from that, milk is the only clinically proven drink that should be taken between meals.

Beauty Benefits

Milk gives us a glowing skin and strong teeth. It also gives beautiful and healthy hair. It has all the essential nutrients like lipids, calcium, protein which strengthens the hair, stops hair lose and also promote hair growth. The hair is made soft and shiny with vitamin A, B6, potassium present in milk.

Beauty Benefits

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Miscellaneous Benefits

Apart from all the above mentioned benefits, milk has a few more way to affect our health. The potassium in milk helps in controlling blood pressure. PMS and migraine can be handled with the calcium content in milk. The milk is a great option for the vegetarians. It also helps in the growth of the children.