A Competitive Swim

Swimming is a great sport and relatively injury as compared to the other sports. It is great to build stamina and improve your lung capacity. It is also a great sport to do in a competitive way. The important thing about competitive swimming is choosing the right coach. The coach must understand your strengths and weaknesses while coaching you. You too need to be compatible with your coach. Learning to swim, simple workouts are very different from a competitive one. So it is necessary to choose a fairly experienced coach.

If you are into competitive swimming you need to have a number of costumes that must be separate for training and for the competitions. A competitive swimmer must wear cross back costumes that are snug and never a u back. Two goggles are also a must. A standard swimming cap is necessary. In the case of swimming it is better to have two or three goggles and caps as they can break when you least expect.

Some other items needed for a competitive swimmer is flippers and bloomers and/or shin fins. A good kick board and pull buoy and also a set of paddles for the hands. These are some of the items you will be working with through the routine.A competitive swimmer should target doing at least eighty laps in a fifty metre pool. The work out must contain using the different materials life flippers, pull buoys, etc. The sets would include a variety of drills and swims and would change according to the stroke. Your coach would constantly time you and give you shorter rest periods and do what is known as short interval sets. It is better to swim in a group as you would get the desired pacing.

As the competition comes near your workout would start reducing and you would be doing shorter sprints. A lot of practice will be given on the tumble turns, starts and push offs. Diving from the block will also become part of the workout. Lots of practice on how to end a race will be given. Sometimes these are more important that the swim itself. Every split second counts and the one who dives the farthest can win. So good luck.