Doing Ab Exercise With Exercise Ball

Exercise BallIf wealth is lost then nothing is lost but if health is lost then it is for sure a big loss because whatever you earn and aim for, you have to be fit and healthy to enjoy it to the fullest and also to live your life with fun.

Exercises are often considered as boring and rather an obligatory stuff.This is the reason many people try to avoid it and neglect it too. I must say this article will help you change your view and will make you enjoy your exercises.

We will tell you about few steps and methods to follow when you work out for the abdominal strength and Abs fitness with the Exercise ball. This is the tool that helps you get in shape and also to take care of your abs and abdominal muscles at the same time.

Apart from the advantages to your body, this exercise also has a stuff to offer valuable benefits to your mind. The exercise with ball will provide you the stability of the body. You will acquire an art of balancing your body with the ease. And also what it does is that it helps you attain a all new different level of concentration.

Few Steps For The Effective Ab Exercise With Exercise Ball

How To Start?

You need to lie on the ball with ease and be careful about any sudden jerk or a slip out while doing so.The position of the ball should be under your lower back. As you move along and upon the ball, make it sure that you don’t curl up and also ball remains in a stable position. Rolling of ball will lead you to the miss alignment of the body!

Exercise 1 – Traditional Abs Crunch

Sit on the ball with straight gesture of body and put your feet firmly on the ground to stabilize yourself. Adjust the position so that ball comes under the lower back and seat stable.

Put your hands across the chest and also ensure that your body is parallel to the floor. Finally raise your body in 45 degrees angle and stretch the abdominal muscles. Do this for approx 10 to 15 times in a day.

Exercise 2 – Modern Reverse Crunch

This is an exercise which asks you to be in an exact reverse position. In this, you need to seat on the floor and put your feet on the top of the ball. Inhale with strong thrust and then lift up your chest and aim to reach to the top of the ball. Do this for approx 10 times.

Exercise 3 – Stretch Oblique Muscles

Take the same stance as the above exercise but here you are expected to lift the ball on your feet instead of lifting your body. This will be helpful for the muscles of Oblique and will prove to be a good relief for it. Try this 5 to 10 times.

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