Acupressure And Yoga Can Cure Low Pressure

You must have heard of someone, who is suffering from low pressure. Alike high pressure, low pressure is another chronic health disorder, where the systolic and the diastolic ranges of blood pressure always focus towards a lower range than the normal reading of that particular age.

So, whenever your blood pressure reflects a reading less than the normal range of 120/80, you must be sanguine that you are suffering form low pressure. It is also a frequently occurring health hazard that has its own demerits. It can also be termed as a lifestyle disease that has been into being due to the changed lifestyle of today’s generation.

Low blood pressure is mostly prevalent among teenage girls to middle aged women in particular. It is characterized by a dizzy feeling that can be so prolonged that it can lead to sudden fainting.

Patients suffering from this disease experience a slightly dizzy feeling with blackening out for a fraction of seconds, whenever they stand up or get down from a height. It can be inferred that a sudden change of height makes the patients feel uncomfortable, when they face the typical symptoms of low pressure.

Doctors and practical inferences have found out there are several causes of low blood pressure. One such cause is eating disorder. Inadequate supply of energy to the body from food leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore, it leads to this disorder.

Similarly, it can be an after effect of a serious disease or a disease from which a patient suffers from for a prolonged period, like jaundice, typhoid, severe diarrhea, dyspepsia, etc. Some of the medicines and antibiotics can also lead to low pressure among the patients.

Whatever may be the reason, whatever may be the symptoms, the most surprising thing to know about low pressure is that there is no medicine available that can cure this health hazard. Only some dietary alternations, acupressure and exercises can cure this problem.

Thus, let us start with some of the first, that cure low pressure.

Recommended Acupressure Methods For Low Pressure

Acupressure is a method that believes in exerting pressure on to certain pressure points, on various parts of the body. These points are connected to the various nerve nodes that regulate different organs and their functioning.

Hence, they are also capable of curing various diseases and health hazards. These various pressure points are different sites on our palms and our feet mainly. In this article we will discuss about the acupressure technique for curing low blood pressure, by using the palms and feet.

Acupressure Technique no.1

Sit on a chair, in a relaxed position. Your body posture must be firm and you must take in deep breathe while you breathe in and breathe out. You must not bend your spinal cord at all.

When you begin the acupressure method, lift up your left palm and bring it close to your body. Now, press the tip of the middle finger of your left palm with the fingers of your right hand.

Hold on to the finger for about 10 to 15 seconds and increase the pressure gradually, during the time. Leave after that and repeat the same technique with your right hand now.

Repeat the same technique for a total of ten times, twice a day, to get the best results.

Acupressure Technique no.2

Sit erect, on a flat ground, spreading your legs out of your body.  Keep your spinal cord and neck straight and look towards your front. Breathe normally , but it should be deep breath every time. Keep your hands on either side of your body, in a relaxed manner.

As you begin the method, concentrate on the left foot and focus on the area just below a few millimeters away from your smallest finger. Press the portion firmly with your fingers. Gradually increase the pressure. Continue exerting the pressure, uniformly, on to the spot, for 10 to 15 seconds. Release after that. Repeat for about ten times in total, to get your desired results.

Recommended Yoga Exercises For Low Pressure

Among the various effective forms of exercises, yoga has always been popular for its healing power and promoting well being. In this section we will deal with some of the effective yoga exercises that are apt for treating chronic low pressure.

Yoga Exercise no. 1

The yoga posture that we will be discussing now is known as ‘Gomukhasana.’ It is a posture that is to be done, sitting on the ground.

In the beginning of the exercise, sit on the flat ground, by stretching your legs out of your body. Your spinal cord, neck and head must be kept erect. Keep your hands relaxed, on either side of your body.

When you begin the exercise, fold your legs in such a way that the knee of your left leg lies over your right leg. Your feet and the lower part of your legs should be outside your body. Draw the feet close to your body, touching the sides of your butts.

Your hands are to be sent backward. Now raise your right hand over your head and bend it. Pass your left hand backwards, from your bust line. Lock both your palms now, at the back of your body. Stretch your shoulders wide.
Hold on to this position for about 30 seconds and then release. Take a few seconds of rest in between and then repeat the whole process, for three times, in total.

Yoga Exercise no.2

This asana is called ‘Pavanmuktaasana’. This is a simple exercise that has enormous benefits. This exercise involves the lying down technique.

As you begin the exercise, you are supposed to lie down on a flat ground. Your shoulder must be stretched and firm, your spinal cord must be straight and your head must be erect. Place your hands firmly, on either side of your body.

Begin the exercise by lifting up your legs together and bending them. Fold them and bring them closer to your chest. Hold the folded legs with your hands, in the hugging gesture.

Maintain a normal breathing regime and hold on to this position for about 15 to 20 seconds. Release from this posture and bring down your legs again, to the previous position. Take a few seconds of rest and repeat the yoga again for three times in total to get your desired results.

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