Acupressure Exercises Can Cure Diseases

accupressure exercisesAcupressure is a typical method of exercising, when the nerve nodes on the specific parts of the body are given pressure, in such a regulated way that it leads to the healing of certain ailments and disorders of the body. It is an ancient process that was used mostly in Japan.

But, now, due to it’s the magical remedies offered, it has got its acceptance all over the world and is curing some of the mild to serious diseases as well.

The concept of acupressure says that our hand and the fingers, in total, is one of the most important sites for acupressure points. Right from the different areas of the palm such as the knuckles, the tip of the fingers, the base of the fingers, every where in our palms, there are several nerve nodes that regulate the functioning of the various organs and systems of our body.

So, let us discuss some of the hand postures, which are called ‘mudras’ in ‘pranayama‘that help in curing specific problems.

Mudra no. 1

This is a form of exercise which is called the ‘Dhyana mudra’ since it is used popularly by the yoga and pranayama practitioners during meditation.

Procedure of the performance of the mudra

Keep your hands straight and resting on your knees in such a way that the palms are placed face upwards. Keep all the fingers firm and erect. Now fold your pointer finger in a manner that it touches the thumb. The other postures of the hands will remain constant. Put slight pressure on the tip of the thumb and the tip of the pointer finger in that position.

You must hold on to this position for at least 10 to 15 seconds while you indulge yourself in deep meditation. Insist on doing this twice a day to bet the maximum benefits offered by it.

Benefits of the mudra

This mudra acts as a great relaxant that soothes and calms down the mind. It also improves blood circulation. It increases concentration power, memory and the ability to be patient, so it is specially recommended for students. People suffering from insomnia can also be benefited from this.

Mudra no. 2

This mudra is called ‘Vayu mudra’ as it has a great deal of benefits in curing flatulence.

Procedure of the performance of the mudra

Keep your palms spread open and your fingers straight, facing upwards and placed over your knees, while you are in a sited position.

Now, fold your pointer finger and bring it in connection to the thumb in such a way that the extreme tips of each of the fingers tough each other. It is almost similar to ‘Dhyana mudra’, but slightly different in the manner that unlike the former it touches the extreme tip of the finger.

Now, exert a mild pressure of the spots of each of the fingers, holding them together in the manner explained. Remain constant in the mudra for about 15 seconds and then release slowly.

Benefits of the mudra

This mudra is very essential for those who are suffering from several problems related to swelling of the joints and subsequent pain. Therefore, it is a great remedy for arthritis, gout, and rheumatism and knee pain. It is also helpful for cases of paralysis, if continued on a regimented way for some times. People having pain in spinal cord and neck also get benefited when they follow the same regularly.

As the name suggests, it is a great abdominal gas reliever as well and cures indigestion. So, whenever you have complications related to digestion, perform the mudra and see the magic.

Mudra no. 3

The mudra that is now being discussed is known as ‘Akash mudra’.

Procedure of the performance of the mudra

You have to perform the mudra in the similar manner as that of the other two mudras already discusses. Place your hands over both your knees. Now, keep your palms in such a way that they face upwards.

Now begin the performance by folding your middle fingers and bringing them closer in a way that you would be able to touch the nail portion of this finger with your thumb.

Exert slight pressure on both the fingers while performing the mudra and hold on to it for about 10 to 15 seconds and then release.

Benefits of the mudra

It is a beneficial mudra for people suffering from chronic headache and recurrent migraine attacks. It also cures dizziness.

It is an excellent remedy for any problems related to the ears. People who have accidentally reduced auditory capacities, ear ache, temporary deafness, will find this mudra immensely beneficial.

Those suffering from cardiac problems too, will be benefited by practicing this mudra regularly. Problems of thyroid or any vocal disabilities also achieve great remedy by doing this mudra. It also assists in gaining dental health by strengthening of the gums.

Mudra no. 4

This mudra is of vast advantage in curing some of the most serious diseases. It is known as ‘Apaan mudra’.

Procedure of the performance of the mudra

Keep your palms stretched and spread gently over your knees, thereby keeping your fingers straight. Now, bend two of your fingers simultaneously, the ring finger and the middle finger, in such a way that the tips of both the fingers touch the tip of the thumb.

Exert a slight pressure now, while you keep the position of the fingers constant for about 10 to 15 seconds. Keep the palm and the other fingers straight while you perform this mudra.

Benefits of this mudra

This particular posture is very helpful in treating ailments concerning the stomach. Cardiac problems also give effective results if this mudra is performed on a regimented way for a particular period. A regular practice if this mudra aims at giving curative measures for chronic constipation, piles, diabetes, kidney related problems, urinary tract problems and chronic flatulence too.

Mudra no. 5

This mudra is great obesity fighter and is known as ‘Agni mudra’.

Procedure of the performance of the mudra

Keep your palms stretched. Now, fold in your ring finger so that your thumb could touch its third knuckle from top. Put some pressure on to the parts where the fingers touch each other. Hold on to the position for about 15 to 20 seconds. Now release slowly.

Benefits of this mudra

This mudra helps in the assimilation of food and promotes proper digestion. It provides internal warmth to the body that helps in the burning of excessive fat, thereby reducing obesity. It strengthens the body and relieves tension. It is also beneficial in lowering cholesterol from blood.

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