An Easy Way To Reduce Weight Through Yoga

Reduce Weight Through YogaNow a days Yoga has become vary popular to reduce fat without any bad side effect. Moreover yoga uplifts your mood, makes you more mobile and you feel better naturally.  Any type of yoga helps to make you stronger and enables you to continue your exercise.

All types of yoga does not have the same effect. There are some yoga exercises which help to loose weight, few to remove mental tension, few to enhance your concentration and so on.This article will help you to select that yoga that reduces fat.You will also come to know how it works on your body. First think in which area you want to loose fat.Then select the asana according to them.

Yoga Effectively Reduce Belly Fat

Most of the women are prone to belly fat. After giving birth, belly fat grows automatically. Ideal solution for loosing belly fat is doing sit up. The exercise is very simple.

Lie down on the floor. Spread your hands on both sides of ear in such a way that it touches your ear. Then start to lift your body and touch your toes. This will create pressure on your waist and belly. Regular exercise will help to loose fat on those areas and will bring a beautiful curve in your waist.

Different Types Of Yoga

Yoga like Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward-Facing Dog Pose) or Adho mukha Vrksasana ( handstand, Downward Facing Tree) are excellent to reduce fat of the whole body. To do the first one stand straight, keep your feet close. Now raise your hands and bend your body forward to touch the floor.

Make space on floor as much as possible in between your toes and palms. Handstand is comparatively a tough exercise. Touch the floor with your two palms and raise your feet upwards. Stay in that posture for a minute.This is an exercise of whole body.

You will not be able to perform it unless you have flexibility. Chakrasana or wheel helps to reduce fat on your back and hip. Dhanurasan or bow does the same effect.

In addition it also enhances the flexibility of hands and feet.To do chakrasana, stand straight, raise your hand behind your ears and then bend backward and touch the floor. To do bow you have to lie down on your belly.Then hold your legs with your hands. There are other popular yoga toothat help to reduce fat very quickly.

Yoga Also Depends On Your Overall Health And Posture

But the selection of yoga also depends on your overall health and posture.The people who are slightly overweight will be able to do much exercise than those who are obese. It is because obese people loose their flexibility completely and vigorous exercise creates pressure on their heart.

So people who are obese are advised not to plunge themselves in a harsh exercise regime at first. Just make a habit of exercise first and then enhance it day by day.

Some exercises that are popular for the obese are side bending, stretching, leg levitation, etc. these do not create much pressure on heart but loose weight slowly. Yoga can reduce fat if you can practice it regularly. But if you are suffer from high obesity, then go to the yoga specialist and take their advice.

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