Avoid Motion Sickness!!

Ever feel like puking after or while traveling for a long time. This feeling is fairly common and is called motion sickness. This is mainly caused when our brain gets multiple signals from various senses of our body. First and foremost one should know that our inner ear is in charge of maintaining a balance in our body. Secondly, our brain coordinates our movements by recievign signals from all parts of our body and forming a picture of it.

When the input from all the senses is intentional, like when we walk, the brain responds to this action very well.

But if there is some conflict in the input of the signals due to some unintentional movement like driving, it results in motion sickness. The main symptoms of motion sickness are the feeling of nausea and dizziness. Sometimes the person also sweats a lot and has a general feeling of discomfort. These symptoms may arise while traveling in a car or airplane or in amusement park rides. Some ways in which you can prevent motion sickness is mentioned ahead.

While traveling in a car, sit facing the direction in which the vehicle is moving.  This helps keep the motion sensed by our eyes and ears the same. Look outside and enjoy the scenery. Concentrate on far off objects. Keep the window open, or keep the air vents facing towards you. Avoid reading while traveling, because while your body sends out the signal that you are in movement. Your eyes, which is concentrating on a stationary book sends your brain the opposite message.

If you get seasick on a boat, go to the top deck and stare at the horizon where the sky and sea meet. On an airplane, get seats in middle of the plane rather than either ends and stare out the window. So that your eyes are not fooled into thinking you are not moving.

Also, you can prevent motion sickness by not smoking before traveling. Avoid big, greasy meals and alcohol before traveling. Carry some light snacks with you as munchies. Sometimes smelling something, citrusy or minty also helps. Carry a lime with you to smell when you feel nausea.

Traveling cannot be avoided these days, whether it’s for work or pleasure. If motion sickness is hindering your daily activities then it’s better to consult a doctor and take medicines that’ll help your travel.

Meera M.Das