Avoiding an Unhealthy diet

Since childhood we have all learnt that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. This saying is truer than ever before. We see people all around us especially youngsters and teenagers addicted to fast foods or junk foods which leads to health problems. This trend has caught up with school kids also and the problem of obesity is rising at an alarming rate.

Unhealthy diet is the root of most problems. If one is habitual to eating junk foods like pizzas, burgers, colas and other fried and sugary stuff, he is sure to invite diseases. Fast foods have no nutritional value.

Eating junk food leads to obesity which leads to diabetes. Consuming excess of oily foods, sweets and chocolates leads to accumulation of fats in veins leading to cardiovascular problems. Unhealthy food is the cause of arthritis, blood pressure, asthma, gastritis, diabetes, tumors, cancers and even kidney problems. Blockage of veins due to heavy deposits of unhealthy oils and spices leads to lung infections.

Healthy foods
like fresh fruits, juices, raw vegetables and food cooked in low calorie oils give glow to one’s skin and also help you to stay fit. Junk food leads to lack of essential nutrients in one’s diet leading to a dull and lifeless skin. This lowers your confidence and self esteem and makes one feels lazy physically and mentally. An unhealthy and lethargic person always remains in an irritable mood, and always feels fatigued .

Thus foods like rice, white flour and high calorie foods should be strictly avoided as they lead to premature aging and sagging of skin. Instead green leafy vegetables and fruits should be included. Meals should never be skipped; and small healthy portions should be eaten at regular intervals to control the metabolism of the body. A disciplined schedule of eating along with regular exercise is important for a healthy body. Regular intake of water helps in keeping the body free of toxins and control obesity.

Eating of unhealthy food is like a vicious circle and eating of one junk food  item leaves one craving for another. Breaking of this vicious circle leads to a leaner body and a healthier lifestyle free of all stress and diseases. Thus eating wisely is the key to a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Ridhi Rajpal