Basic Aerobics Exercises That Help In Maintaining Good Health

brisk walkingProper diet and perfect exercise are undoubtedly the best way by which you can lead a healthy and fit life. But some times it is not possible to go to gym every day due to insufficient time in our busy schedule. But, in spite of that, if you are still interested to maintain you body fit and healthy you can do some aerobic exercises in your home regularly.

The meaning of the word aerobics, as put forward by many heath magazines and articles, is “youth oxygen”. You can increase the oxygen level in your body through aerobic workout. That is way all the cardiovascular system in your body, like heart, lungs, blood vessel are kept in well condition. You can also increase your physical strength and working capacity of your heart by the help of aerobic exercise. That makes your heart can pump more blood in every beat. In this way a large quantity of oxygen quantities is reached easily into the body and in each and every tissue. Undoubtedly it increases your fitness level due to all these factors.

Generally each and every person can do this aerobic exercise. But it is not recommended to perform the same intensity of exercise for each and every person because each people have different physical capacity. This it the plus points of aerobic exercises or work out that you can modify this exercise as per your choice.

But those people who are suffering from those diseases like diabetes, any heart related problem, high blood pressure, obesity etc. or those who have already crossed the age of forty years must consult with the doctor or good physical instructor before stating aerobic workout.

But it has also shown evidence that proved that those who are suffering from diabetes, obesity, premenstrual syndromes or heart related dieses are getting good results from these aerobic exercises.

Positive things about aerobics exercise

The best part of aerobic exercise is that you can do this exercise with full of joy and you can do this for extended period of time.  Moreover, you can modify and choose such exercise according to your need.

Various types of aerobic exercises are there, amongst which you can include any of those in your daily regime. Some of the most popular types of aerobics exercise are jogging, cycling, fitness walking, skipping, roller skating, rowing machine, swimming etc. You must remember that dancing is one type of aerobic exercise too.

Brisk walking

Walking is the simplest exercise for every people. It improve your fitness level and provides energy. Those people who are just start exercise or those people whose main motto is to reduce excess fat, for those walking is the best exercise in the beginning.

If you want to get best result from walking you can walk for 30 to 60 minutes every day. But the walking must have a style. It will not be a marketing sort, but you should continue a brisk walking mode. Walking is very good for an old person as well as it is good for pregnant ladies.


Most of the physical instructors think that jogging is the best aerobic exercise from which you can get the best results. It is possible to reduce the excess fat by the help of jogging within a few weeks. Another best part of jogging is that you can get fresh air and enjoy the nature also.

Morning is the best time for jogging but you can do jogging in the evening also. You must do jogging at least 10 minutes in the beginning but you must try to increase the timing day by day for getting best results.


We consider that cycling is another beneficial aerobic exercise for everybody. You can get maximum benefits of the cardiovascular system through this exercise. You can tone you back muscle, hips muscle and leg muscle of you body by means of cycling.

Those people who are suffering from arthritis or other orthopedic problem who cannot walk or run for an extended time, for them cycling is a better exercise than walking and jogging.

It is also a very good exercise for over weight people. If you have no cycle with you in that case you can go to gym for doing this exercise in a static cycle.


It is one of the common and excellent aerobic exercises. Swimming is the only exercise by which you can tone your upper body muscles along with lower body muscles. Swimming is the only way from which you can burn maximum calories within a few minutes. Those people who are suffering from obesity, they can reduce excess fat by swimming as that will burn more calories in less time.

Aerobic dance

This is an excellent form of exercise that is energetic and exciting as you dance to beautiful tunes. You can get overall fitness of the body. When you perform aerobic dance each and every part of your body is stretch and moves, which burns the extra calories through this rhythmic movement. But those people who are suffering from any orthopedic problem or any short of pain must avoid dance.


It is another very common exercise. You need a rope for this exercise. You can stand a flat surface with you hand both side of your body. Now, hold the both ends of the rope with both your hands and move the rope from back side to front side, over your head.  Then move the rope to the back side, under your feet. When you move the rope under the feet you must jump a bit so that it goes smoothly without any obstruction. Try to do this process as much faster as possible.

This exercise is very helpful for reducing extra fat from you hips. It also builds the leg muscles strong. This exercise is also very helpful for your shoulder joints too.

Roller skating

You need a pair of roller shoes for this exercise. If you want to build your body balance, roller skating is the best way for this. It is not possible to control your body balance in the begging. But you will be able to control your body balance with repeated practice. At the time of skating you will feel stress on you legs. That is how you will now that you are on the process of toning you leg and cuff muscles through this exercise.

Rowing machine

If you want to get a whole body workout, then rowing machine is the one of the best ways for this. It is the best option to tone all your body muscles like legs, buttocks, arms, shoulder, back, abdominal and waist muscles. This exercise is helpful in burning more calories than any other type of aerobic exercise.

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