Basics Of Calisthenics Workouts

calisthenicsHave you ever thought of trying calisthenics workouts? Or are you still new to the concept? Practiced first in ancient Greece, this is very simple and easy ways to exercise with simple movements. The importance is more on the use of body strength for improving flexibility and fitness. There are many exercises in calisthenics and most of them are performed without equipments.  Since it is an easy to do workout, it is extensively used in all schools and sporting clubs to maintain fitness.

You do not anything like the messy gym equipments but all you need is a good trainer who can help at the initial stage. You can gain cardiovascular strength without any dieting and overall have a more balanced body with better muscular power. It is highly popular in military services and is used to impart discipline and rhythm in daily activities. Whether you exercise for your body fitness, or want to lose weight, this is one workout that won’t fail you and will give you a fitter body from within. Some of the most important calisthenics exercises are listed below.

Exhausting Sit-Ups

This is one of the few simple exercises that burns very fast and effectively and exhausts your fats. Lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees. With both your feet lying on the floor, keep both your hands near to your ears or just folded. Lift the shoulders off the ground putting all the pressure on the abdominal muscles. Try to bring the shoulders close to knees and follow at least twenty rounds and increase as more and more days pass. This will make you lose fat on your tummy and build the abdominal muscles faster. Crunches are also part of calisthenics but the movement with little more difficult.

Try the Pull-Ups

This is also known as the chin-up exercise and needs an overhead bar. You will find these bars in parks or even in your college playground. Stand behind the bar and hold it firmly with both your hands. Try moving above the bar with back straight and extreme linearity in the entire body.  Control your grip on the bar and slowly return to the main position. Start with ten rounds and increase carefully every week. This is extremely good for strength building on your arms and your back. If you have shoulder related problems, try it under your trainer before you gain your confidence.

Strength Training Pushups

This is very common with athletics and those who try hard to build their muscles. Life with your face facing the ground and use your hands to lift your body above the floor. Keep your lower body on your toes.

calisthenica workouts

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This will help your forearms gain more strength and lose fat on thighs. In case you have never tried pushups, then you might not be able to do more than five at a time but don’t you worry, with time as arms will get more strength, you will increase the number every easily.

Jumping Jacks

You have definitely done it in your schools as a part of health and physical training. Stand on your feet with hand is normal position. Jump with joining your hands above your head and come back to the same normal position. Continue this for a few rounds. This is for your entire body and will help you improve rigid body parts, imparting flexibility. Other calisthenics exercises include squats, flutter kicks, calf-raises and dips. Most of these exercises are best performed in the open in fresh air like in your local parks or school playground. This is more actively used for warming up before sports and also burn calories naturally. People use calisthenics before hitting up the gym as it reduces the rigidity in the body before you take on the machines.

Things to Remember While Doing Calisthenics

Every exercise that you do in calisthenics is based on certain part of the body and is aimed to make that intended part fitter and in shape. This makes the use of combined workouts every important i.e. you have to have something for every part. There are no shortcuts when it comes to keeping your body healthy. Take help from physical fitness teacher or trainer to find a perfect combination of exercises that will suit you. If you have a weight problem, try to work more on the piled fats in specific parts.

The Diet Plans for Calisthenics

Every person has a different motive to exercise, either to build body or weight loss. In both the cases, your exercise regime will only work when you team it with a well charted eating plan. Avoid inducing the harmful calories and eat more of carbohydrates and proteins. Include oats and cereals and have vitamin and miners in the natural way. Women can take calcium supplements once they reach the age of thirty. When your body gets all the tight essentials through food, it will increase its metabolism and aid the weight loss process. People who want to make muscles must take in health drinks and do the exercises after one hour of the meal. Gyming sessions are heavier and if you want to use calisthenics for warm up, ask your instructor for guidance.

Reasons for Using Calisthenics

You might wonder what should attract you to this workout. The reason lies in a simple fact- it is the natural way. Wherever you go, your exercises go with you. This is completely healthy way to lose weight and build your muscles and even if you skip it for a week, you can restart easily. Sporty people who love to stay fit to play at all times often don’t have the time to go for equipment based exercises, but with calisthenics, the process gets simpler than ever before. The chances of injuries are quite less and you don’t need a trainer once you know the techniques. Calisthenics is the perfect way to keep your body healthy, so take your time out to lose some calories, eat healthy and stay fit!