Bench Press Workouts For A Fit Body

The bench press exercise is by far the most popular exercise in the gym. Doing bench press exercises enables you to flaunt a big and bulky chest. Having such a chest definitely boosts your confidence. Such a chest will get noticed both inside the gym as well as outside. If you are suffering from low self image or embarrassment issues, then you should perform bench press exercises to bolster your confidence. There are many bench press exercises which you can do to increase your bench press strength and to add inches to your chest quite quickly.

Popular Bench press Exercises

The Incline Bench press Exercise

Incline Bench Press

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One of the first bench press exercises is the Incline Bench press. You have to set a bench to a forty five degrees incline and then press the weight upwards to the ceiling. When you are pressing the weight you should imagine yourself pressing your body through the bench down to the floor. You will be really amazed at how strong this will actually make you. Then lock your arms and squeeze the muscles in your chest together just for a quick count. Ideally, you ought to take only three seconds to lower the weight. However, even if you do not take three seconds, you should try and lower the weight as fast as you possibly can.

This is important for all the bench press workout exercises. Your hands, when you are using a bench press bar bell or a dumbbell, should be located right below your chin. You must never allow your chest to touch the bar. This will take the resistance off the muscle and there will be a constant tension on your muscle. This is also something which you should keep in mind for all the bench press exercises.

The Flat Bench press Exercise

Flat Bench Presss

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The second bench press exercise is the flat bench press. This is an exercise which is done on the top of a bench which is parallel or flat to the ground. In a flat bench press you have to use the same tips for lowering as well as lifting the weight, as for the Incline Bench press. However, you have to lift your hands on the bench. You could also keep the bar in line with the lower or middle part of your chest.

The Decline Bench press Exercise

decline bench press

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The final bench press exercise is known as Decline Bench press. For this exercise, you have to set the bench to a thirty degrees incline in order for the exercise to have maximum effectiveness. The same rules must be applied for lowering and lifting as with the Incline Bench press exercise and the Flat Bench press exercise. For this bench press exercise however, the bar or your hands must be in line with your sternum or your chest’s lower part.

Bench press Workout Tips

Make an Evaluation of Your Progress

You need to set long term and short term goals when doing the bench press exercises and you need to evaluate your progress. You need to keep track of every single bench press workout that you do as well as write down what are the weights that you lifted. You must also make a note of the time which you took for the workouts, how many repetitions you did and anything else that could help you to evaluate your workout progress. By doing this, you will know where you stand and you will be able to determine whether you have performed well or not. Having a written journal can be extremely useful.

Exercise Your Whole Body

It is very easy to focus on the bench press exercises and forget about the rest of your body. However, you must avoid this. You really cannot improve your bench press strength unless you improve your entire body strength. You have to remember that the bench press exercise is not merely a chest exercise. This also impacts your arms and the whole of your upper body. So it is imperative that you give the rest of your body proper attention as well.

Take a Week’s Break

You need to give yourself a break for one or two weeks from the bench press workouts in order to make the work outs more fun. You will also get prepared for harder work outs in the months to come. Overtraining could lead to a muscle burnout. It could also develop a sense of frustration in you. Once you become bored of the bench press workouts you will not feel like doing them again, and thus damage your physical well being in the long run.

Choose the Correct Workout for Yourself

While choosing the right workout appears to be something quite obvious, there are many people who struggle with it all their lives. There are simply so many bench press workouts that exploring these could take up a lot of your time. The best solution would be to avail the services of a highly experienced personal trainer. However, this could turn out to be very expensive. Another alternative would be to join a fitness club where you could get the individual attention from a renowned coach or at least experienced trainees. This could however get quite competitive.

A coach would train you to become the best in what you do and consequently instill a sense of competition in you. If you do not wish to become competitive then you could consult online forums, e journals and various other resources provided by professional weight trainers. You can also find guidance from current as well as former bench press masters online. Such people have experience as well as knowledge that could really help you. They can back the claims they make with results most people merely dream of achieving. These experts are also usually available for answering your personal questions, either through forum posts or through emails.

Thus, you need to keep these bench press exercises and tips in mind, if you wish to achieve success in your workouts.