Benefits of a Steam Shower After a Workout

A steam shower is a great way of de-stressing muscles after a good physical workout. It not only helps relax the sore and tired muscles but also provides mental relief.

The most favoured benefit of a steam shower is the stress relief it provides to muscles after a vigorous workout. The warmth of the steam room helps the mind and body relax. Tired muscles feel rejuvenated in the warm and moist atmosphere of the steam room. The heat promotes blood circulation to all parts helping the body re-energise post the workout.

After a vigorous workout in the gym the muscles of the body become sore, tired and tight. Much energy is also lost. With the increase in blood circulation the muscles are able to release the toxins and lactic acid accumulated in them as a direct result of workout.

This release does not make muscles sore and you feel relaxed, the next day. Some people also experience immense relief in joint soreness which drastically reduces any chance of muscle or tissue injury during a workout.

The warm air of the steam shower not only promotes increase in blood circulation but also increases the heart rate. This in turn increases the metabolism which helps burn fat even after the workout is over. In the steam room the body’s temperature reaches 98.6 degrees and more.

This is a state of hyperthermia where many harmful viruses and bacteria are killed due to rise in temperature. This is a healthy state to be in as it keeps the immune system active.

Steam showers are a good way of treating muscle pains. The warm and moist air of the steam sauna helps the muscles relax. Initially the steam will reduce the tightness of muscles caused by the workout. But as you regularly make use of the steam shower you will notice a drastic reduction in your muscle pain and muscle stiffness.

Steam shower is a great way of improving the health and complexion of skin. The moisture of the steam shower helps get rid of the dirt, sebum and dead skin cells trapped inside the skin pores. This prevents formation of blackheads and acne on the skin. Increase in blood circulation improves the complexion of the facial skin.