Best Butt Exercises

Butts are one of he most attractive women’s body part and sex appeal for most of the ladies. But there are a lot of women who do not have perfect butt shape because of which they suffer, even fashion wise.

No matter what they wear, if the butt shape is not supportive, denims and skirts may also not work. All you need to do is to work out and if you have been, correct your ways.

Here Are Some Best Butt Exercises

In the first exercise, you require light weight dumbbells. Just stand facing the wall few feet away. Place hands over wall and bend your right feet but keep it over floor only. Lift the left leg upwards but maintain the balance. Make sure you keep the abs tight and torso parallel to floor. Repeat this in 2 sets with 15 reps. This would definitely keep the legs in shape and specially butts.

You can even try out doing lunges which is an excellent leg exercise. For this, you need equipments in this namely dumbbells. To do this, you require standing 3 feet away from the staircase. Then, hold dumbbell and step forward with the help of right foot.

Butt Exercises

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Raise the left heel above the floor and bend forward in lunge position. Hold the position and then change legs. By doing this exercise regularly for a month you would see a visible change in your legs. They would get slimmer and get great shape. The portions over which this exercise shows effects are glutes, buttocks, hamstrings and also quadriceps.

You must do it in a set of 10 and do at least 2 to 3 set every day. Another exercise that could be tried out is London bridge lift, in which you do not need any kind of equipment. Just lay flat over back and keep the feet flat. Slowly, squeeze the butts and pull the off the floor but make sure that your hands rest over floor for the balance. Hold this position for 6 seconds and come back.