Best Exercises Using A Ball

The exercise balls are now used by many people for successful workouts. They offer a great opportunity without using much equipment. These balls are really great for the ab exercises. An exercise ball can help you to develop your abdominal area.

It will help in the workout of your abdominal muscles as well as muscles in the other parts of the body. Exercising with balls will also help in the loss of weight as it will burn the extra calories during as well as after the workout session.

For developing great abs you need something more than leg lifts and sit ups. With the help of these balls you will be able to perform a wide range of exercises. You may have seen these exercise balls in the gyms but you do not know what you should actually do with them.

A large number of muscular guys nowadays use these balls for their exercises. There are lots of workouts that you can perform with these balls. The fitness balls can be great solution for your effective and good abdominal exercises.

Excellent Equipments

The benefits of using balls for exercises are overlooked by many people. In reality the workout ball is highly effective equipment for perfect exercise session. These fitness balls can help you to improve the balance of your body. With the help of such equipment you can also make your exercise much more versatile. The exercise balls can be used anywhere you want. You can use it in gyms as well as in the comfort of your house. People of any age group can use these balls for their exercises. They can be used by both men as well as women.

Hand Extensions And Reverse Legs

With the help of the fitness balls you will be able to perform a wide range of exercises. This would not only help in the development of your abdomen but also other parts of the body.

Hand extensions and reverse legs is a good exercise that can be performed with the help of these balls. In such workout like most ab exercises an individual must have his mid section faced towards the ball. You need to use your toes and hands for stabilizing your balance.

Then face towards the floor with the left arm and the opposite leg extended together. You should hold this position for few seconds and then return to the original position.

Then repeat the routine with the opposite combination of leg and arm. You should do this for eight times. This is one of the excellent exercises that help the hamstrings, upper back and lower back.

Hip lifts

This is also one of the best ab exercises that can be done with the help of fitness balls. In this workout you should lie down flat on your back with your knees bent and place the heels on the top of the exercise ball. Then your arms should be stretched on both sides to support your frame.

Then squeeze your back and lift it from the ground by pushing your hips upwards. Maintain this position for few seconds and then again return to the previous position. Repeat this stance for eight times in a set. This is one of the best exercises for your hamstrings and glutes.

Push Ups

You can also consider elevated push ups as one of your abdomen exercises with the help of the fitness ball. In this workout you must place your hands on the ground and put the knees on the top of the ball. Face towards the floor and your body must be in a parallel position to the floor.

Lower down your upper torso as much as you can and then again push your frame back. Repeat this for eight times in a set. Three sets should be done in such exercises. This is a good workout for your shoulder muscles, pectorals, biceps and triceps.


The huge array of exercises with the help of the workout balls also includes the core crunches. It is one of the exercises that are essential for the abdomen. In this workout you must go down on your knees and bend your torso from the waist. Then rest your elbows on the fitness ball. After that squeeze your abdominal muscles and roll the ball towards front. Do this until your body is properly straightened out. Then come back to the original position.

Advantages Of Ball Exercises

There are lots of benefits of using a fitness ball in your workouts. They can be really helpful for maintaining a healthy body. First of all the exercises done with a ball require inexpensive and little equipment. You just require access to a fitness ball for performing your workouts.

The most important advantage of these balls is that they are highly effective in the working out your core muscles which are important for good posture and stability. So you should not ignore these balls for your exercises if you want to achieve great health. These fitness balls are available in various sport shops. You can buy them and use them easily at home.

Do Exercise In The Proper Way

Like most other forms of workouts you need to warm up before you start exercising with these balls. So you should warm up before getting engaged in any physical activity with this equipment. While performing any exercise with these fitness balls it is highly essential that you always maintain the right posture.

Your knees should be prevented from getting locked and the back should be straight in most of the exercises. You must also concentrate properly on your breathing. You should be aware of your process of breathing for getting the best results. It is also important to maintain the right safety measures.

Before performing your workouts with the help of the fitness balls you must speak with doctor. This is required if you are doing the ball exercises for the first time. Thus working with these balls can be really effective for a perfect health.