Best Yoga Exercises For Toned Figure After Pregnancy

Yoga has its immense benefits for curing several health problems and diseases that human beings suffer from. It can also be regulated in such a way that it can cure problems specifically, of particular ages and sex.

There are yoga regimes for women health, men health, over all well being of teenagers and kids. But, what is most surprising to know is that, there are separate forms of prenatal and post natal exercises for women in the parameters of yoga. They are specific benefits of each of these yogas too.

Pregnancy is a phase in the life of a woman which is associated with a lot of hormonal changes within her body. Her body prepares itself naturally to provide the exact ambience required for the baby inside her womb.

There are alterations in the size of some of the special organs and glands inside her body too, such as the uterus gets enlarged gradually, with the growth of the baby, the mammary glands swell up to produce milk for breast feeding etc. Not only that, the most distinctive feature of pregnancy is weight gain.

It is utmost important to gain weight, so that the mother can support her would-be-born baby within her womb. Moreover, she is also supposed to provide food and nutrition to herself as well as the yet-to-be-born baby. So, gaining of body weight is a must in pregnancy.

But, the most disturbing phase comes later on, when, after the baby is delivered, the woman struggles to get back to her shape, but cannot get back her previous figure.

Crash dieting, exercising vigorously, being extremely choosy about food, nothing seems to help them and give their desired figure back. Such generalized exercises tend to shed body weight drastically, but continue to show the inflated and fat filled tummy or slim body with large and fleshy butts. This is really awful.

So, the best way is to be selective about the exercise you do if you are also repenting about your figure after delivery. Try to concentrate on those specific areas, which need to be reduced, so that you get attractive figure all over again.

Yoga Regime For The Breasts

The most characteristic blow of pregnancy is suffered by the breasts. The breasts get swollen and enlarged on the occasion of motherhood. They often tend to sag due to this abnormal size, if proper care is not taken. So, women should concentrate on exercises that help in firming the breasts.

Yoga no. 1

The asana we are about to discuss is called ‘Charkrasana’.

Stand straight on the ground, keeping your legs firm and without bending them. Keep your spinal cord and head erect. Keep your hands, relaxed, on either side of your body.

As you begin the exercise, lie down straight on a flat ground. Now, fold your arms and bring them close to your ears, in such a way that your palms hold on the ground parallel to the ears, and face inwards.

Keep a gap of about a foot in between your legs. Next, lift yourself up, to as much height as you can. You are basically arching your spinal cord by this posture. Breathe normally during this posture and keep your chest firm and stretched.

Hold on to this position for about 10 to 15 seconds. Release slowly and get back to the ground after that. After some rest, repeat the yoga, aiming to do at least three sets in total. This will be effective way to firm and tone your breasts again.

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Yoga Regime For The Abdomen

Another most affected part of the body that bears the stress of pregnancy is the abdomen. Prior to the baby birth, it inflates, as much as you can, to provide room for the yet-to-be-born baby. So, as soon as the baby comes out, it does not get back to its original shape. Rather it remains bulky and filled with fat. So, concentrate on your abdomen too, for fat reduction.

Yoga no. 2

This asana is known as ‘Yogamudra’.

Sit firmly on a straight ground, keeping your spine straight and shoulder expanded. Keep your head firm and look straight. Your hands should be placed onto your knees, on either side of your body. Breathe normally and take in deep breaths. Stretch your legs out of your body and do not bend them.

When you begin doing this yoga, bring your left leg closer to your body, first. Then pull in your right leg towards your body. Keep your right leg over your left one, in such a way that your knees are placed on either side of your body. Now, stoop down gradually, towards the ground, in a manner that your nose touches the ground.

Your hands should be bent and folded inwards. In the initial days, you will have problems in stooping to such an extent as you have fat in your abdomen. But with regular practice and gradual shedding of abdominal fat, you will soon be able to get to that position.

Hold on to the position for about 15 to 20 seconds and then release to take some rest. Repeat the whole process for about three to five times to get the much desired flat tummy.

Yoga Regime For The Hips

The third most affected part of the body of a woman that suffers due to pregnancy is the hip. An increasing body weight leads to an increase in the size of the butts too. But, the decrease of fat from this area is indeed difficult.

Yoga no. 3

This asana for the hips is called ‘Salvasana’.

Lie down on the flat ground, in such a way that your face is towards the ground and your hands are placed on either side of your body. Stretch out your legs firmly and turn your face towards any side.

Begin the exercise by taking in normal breathes. Now, lift both your legs, together, to a height above the ground level. Raise them to as much distance as you can. During the posture, support your position by putting your palms inside your body, at a level equal to your hip line.

Hold on to this position for a few seconds; say for about 15 seconds and then release. Lower down your legs and bring them back to the ground. Take complete rest for 10 seconds and repeat the same procedure for about three to four times in total.

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