Bodybuilding Diet Plan To Lose Those Extra Kilos

Getting a fit body with well built and toned muscles is like a dream to all aspiring bodybuilders. But most of us lack the determination that is required in pulling off a bodybuilding routine. Much before you aim to get huge built muscles, you need to get rid of those extra kilos that have piled on in many parts of the body due to carelessness and lack of attention to fitness. Some essential tips for losing body flab through body building diet are listed below for help. Get inspired and start taking small steps in maintaining your body and getting that dream figure.

Make Your Strategy

If you are dealing with obesity, bodybuilding won’t come naturally and you have struggle hard. But you can be your own master if you know the basic principles and the ways to incorporate diet rules in your life. Start with a bodybuilding plan that can help you lose flab but not compromise with the toning of the muscles. Know the main macro nutrients and its requirements in your body and plan your diet accordingly.

Most overweight people are victims of overeating and unhealthy eating hours. Make a six meal plan and control your diet. Eat regularly and in right proportions. Stop eating anything after 8 pm at night as the body metabolism decreases by several times. While breakfast should be rich in protein and carbs, your dinners are supposed to be very light and have minimum of carbs.

Balance The Protein Level

People on body building diet have a concept that eating too much of protein can help them in making muscles faster. However this is completely false because excess of protein gets stored up in the body. If you have few extra pounds, you need to ensure that you exercise in way that the existing fat is reduced and used in the body. By eating excessive protein you will just gain weight rather than losing. In the same way, too little of protein is also not good as muscle building process will be too slow.

Avoid Sugary Carbohydrates

Every bodybuilder who is making muscles, need huge amount of carbohydrates for energizing himself. But getting the right carbs is very important. Sugar and related carbs are very simple compounds of carbons for the human body. The digestive enzymes digest such carbs very easily and generate energy very fast. That is why chocolates, ice-creams, desserts make anyone feel energized.

But these energy molecules also get used up by the body very fast, making us crave for more. You need to have control on sugary carbs and have better sources in your diet. This can be anything like bread, cereals, rice, cereals, oatmeal or even pulses. These are complex compounds and take hours to digest. As such the body will get the energy in proportions and after definite periods.

Inducing The Right Fats

As you are trying to lose fat, it is certain that you already know that fats are bad for you. But fats cannot be completely removed from your body building diet. Blood cells need certain amount of fats for normal functioning and absence of fats may also make the skin dry. The idea is to strike a balance between protein and fats. Most animal protein also contains certain amount of fat and cooking in oil increases the fat value.

So if you are having beef, pork, yolk, butter, ghee, turkey etc, you are probably already inducing ample fat in the body. Try to avoid the fatty portion of red meat and take more of fleshy substances. Fish is perfect for controlling fat and is also a great source of protein. Cut off the burgers, pizzas with extra cheese and finger licking french-fries, you will save a lot of harmful calories. Avoiding junk food is the best way to get rid of unwanted fat consumption.

How To Eat in The Course Of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is strenuous task and needs a lot of stamina. Start your day with oatmeal or cornflakes and milk. Add a cup of fresh fruits and 2 slices of bread. For non-vegetarians, taking some egg white with slices of bread and bowl of fresh fruits is just perfect. Ensure that you do take some fresh juice as well.

diet for bodybuilders

After two hours of breakfast, take a cup of tea with some digestive cookies or take some fruits. This will reduce the urge to overeat in the lunch hours. Have some chicken with brown rice and fresh salads for lunch. If you are vegetarian, try having tofu which is a great source of protein.

Post lunch, you need to have something light like may be fresh lime-juice or coffee with cookies and dinner has to be something very light like bread with a piece of chicken and some pulses. People who go to gym in the morning must ensure that there is gap between workouts and breakfast.

The Supplements: Yes Or No?

Most bodybuilders take supplements and there are no two thoughts on that. But the selection of the supplement is something that matters the most. Multivitamins, calcium, minerals, protein are common supplements. But one has to take professional advice before starting anything. Only a well experienced trainer or a dietitian should be consulted for knowing about supplements.

Staying Fit Naturally

You need to have the right amount of glucose in the body before and during workouts. While you work hard on your body, the body loses a lot of water through sweating. For people who stay in extreme humid climate must have lime juice many times in a day. Alternatively taking a mixture of sugar, salt in water can also induce the right level of energy.

Bodybuilding is a very tiring and exhausting process and unless you have a positive attitude towards the regime, you cannot get success very easily. Stay honest with your diet chart and follow the dos and don’ts prescribed very carefully. Getting a fitter body is like setting a goal and you have to make your diet sacrifices for the same to an extent.