Bodybuilding Program For Beginners

Every human has a tendency to get inspired from his fellow mates. Bodybuilding is such an inspiring task that people around the globe want to look fit and have a body that matches the standard of someone they admire.

But before you take the plunge, you need to have a plan and regime. There are few essential tips that most beginners of bodybuilding should know and implement. Listed below are certain things that need to planned, discussed, consulted and adhered. Within a couple of months, you will be more than happy with the results.

The Basic Workout Program: Plan

Bodybuilding for beginners can be challenging and can demand a lot of energy. For this there needs to be a balance between diet and workouts. If you are not sure of where to start, you can talk to someone who has been regular to gym and has an admirable figure.

Alternatively, you can take consultation from a trainer and dietitian. Professional help is very much important in making a scientific plan. You can get elaborative guide about the workouts, exercises and the effects it can have on the body.

Supplements are yet another aspect where consultation is very essential to strike a balance. You might get tired in the initial days and your body might demand rest.

But you have to be very determined and ensure that do not leave the program in between. Unless you do something in the wrong way, you will not suffer injuries or damage to the body. The idea is to keep your-self motivated and stick to regimes.

The Importance Of Stretching

If you have not been a fitness freak or have never followed any fitness routine, your body can get stiff overtime. It is essential to have few stretching exercises at the start of the regime. This will relieve the muscle tension and free the body from any stiffness.

You will be more open towards the main workout. In fact, even after you gain your perfect shape and toned muscles, you still need to do stretching at least thrice in a week. It is warming up the body by oxygen stimulation to the muscles, tissues and ligaments.

Making The Plan

Once you are ready mentally, chalk out your own exercise program. Remember that you have to concentrate on the whole body i.e. chest, back, arms, legs, abs and shoulders, while formulating your routine.

Start your first day with some cardio and stretching. Then move on to upper abs and have three sets of crunches having 10 reps. Take one press each on your chest having 10 reps. Then move on incline press of one set of 15 reps. You can then follow with triceps of three sets of 10 reps each.

On the second day, concentrate on the lower part of the body. Start with leg presses and standing calf presses and move on to seated hamstring curls, seated calf presses. Keep the last 15 minutes for abs and do crunches and pushups.

The third day of bodybuilding must begin with seated dumbbell hammer curls, dips, lat pulls, cable rows and chin-ups. You can also do some seated dumbbell hammer curls. You can also include other things like squats, standing calf presses, crunches and abs workouts.

Things To Remember About Exercise

There are no shortcuts when it comes to bodybuilding. No workout is perfect and one has to choose the routine that body can bear in positive manner. You can make your plan well if you know your body type and the resistance power.

Take help personally or buy a good motivating DVD. When you read about bodybuilding, try to check a similar video online to check if you are doing the things correctly and maintaining the right postures.

The Diet For Beginners of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is very challenging and the right diet is as important as the exercise. As a beginner, you need to know the nutrients that your diet must have. Basically three macro-nutrients- protein, carbohydrates and fats must make 80% of your food.

While protein and carbohydrates can be taken in 3:2 ratios, fats need to be 10% of the entire meal. The rest of the food must be vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, potassium. Animal protein like fish, meat and eggs help in making muscles faster and can be taken on alternate days. Fishes and sea food are great ways to induce protein and can be taken daily as the fat quantity is very less.

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For vegans, oats are a great alternative. You might be told to avoid fats but certain amounts of fats are essential for the blood cells. Avoid sticky fats and have some simple snacks cooked in light vegetable oils. Do not overeat in an attempt to gain weight. Instead you can divide your meals in six or seven parts and have regularly.

Since you are planning to have intense workouts, it is essential to supply the body with the right amount of carbs for energy. Avoid sugar and related carbs as these carbs are energized in no time. You might feel hungry very soon if you take sugary carbs.

The body needs complex carbs that needs more time to digest, so that energy is released regularly in the body. The best way is to have cereals, pulses and whole grains for good carbs. As for other nutrients, stick to fresh vegetables, juices and salads.

Essential Tips For Beginners

For toning the muscles, you need to gain weight. But the weight must come from proteins and not fats. Many people believe that gaining weight fast means making muscles quicker, which is false. You have to ensure that you gain weight gradually and not radically.

Secondly, do not overwork your exercises and weights because it might have a negative impact on the body and increases the chances of injuries. Another thing to avoid is shifting the workouts and diets often. Doctors say that three weeks is the minimum time that you should give to a complete plan to show results.

There are no quick tips to have a great body. Know your body, make your own plan and stick to the regime. Getting a well toned body needs time and patience. Stay healthy.

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