Brushing and Your Child’s Teeth

If not taken care early in life teeth may develop into a regular cause of various problems that might ail a generally healthy person. So the care should start right from the age of a toddler. You may often face difficulty in making your child brush his teeth but do not give up. Moreover, you must also teach him not only to brush but do it properly.

Start even before your child turns one. Sometimes the baby might not even g row teeth at this age, but regularly clean his or her gum with water and a soft cloth. This will accustom your baby with the procedure that he or she will have to follow for the rest of the life. Slowly introduce your child to a toothbrush and till the age of 2 clean the baby’s teeth with a very small and soft toothbrush. Use a toothpaste containing or not containing fluoride depending on the advice of your pediatrician. From 2 onwards you can allow the child to brush his teeth himself. Brushing in front of a mirror is the best way to show your child what happens as he brushes his teeth.

Often the brushing time becomes a tiring and monotonous routine for the child. Try to make it interesting by giving him or her a brush with the favorite cartoon characters. Also giving them more than one toothbrush helps as they can use anyone depending on the choice of color or character for the day. There are even toothbrushes that emit noise or light only when the child is brushing the correct way. Such things guide the child automatically to the right technique.

Toddlers often go for chewing the brush once you put it in his or her mouth. They also eat the paste for its sweet flavor. Train him to spit out the paste after brushing. Also show him the correct technique of brushing. Give your child a pea sized amount of toothpaste and allow 2 minutes of brushing. Rinsing well with clean water is very essential. Help your child with brushing till he or she manages to do it completely on his own which is at around 6 or 7 years of age.

Finally, keep a vigil on the toothbrush. Do not allow it to be used for more than 3 months and after recovering from infectious diseases.