Burn Calories Walking

Walking is the best exercise for people who want to lose weight and stay in shape. Walking is a good way of toning the lower body. However, walking also has a positive impact on the upper body muscles, especially those of the heart.

Walking is a great cardiovascular workout and can be done anywhere and anytime. In order to lose weight with walking it is important to make a few changes in how you perform the workout to get best results. Here are a few tips to burn more calories while walking.

Changing the pace at which you walk is important if you want to lose weight and shape up your body. Varying your pace will test your body’s limits and also challenge the body to a better workout routine. A good way of doing this is by walking at medium speed for three minutes followed by walking at high speed again for three minutes.

You know you are maintaining a high speed if it becomes difficult for you to talk while walking. Alternate the fast and slow speed walk for a total of thirty minutes. Doing this will help you burn more calories and also increase your body’s endurance levels.

Walk on sand. Sand has coarse structure that requires you to put extra effort in order to walk on it. Walking on a smooth surface is relatively easier than walking on sand. It has been scientifically proven that when you walk on sand you burn fifty percent more calories than when you walk on the road, in the park or on treadmill.

Walking is a good exercise for the entire body. However, it mainly helps tone the lower body. In order to tone the upper body you should do arm exercises while walking. This will help burn more fat and calories as your upper body will also be involved.

Listen to music if you are walking in the park or on the treadmill. Choose high energy music that will help you do a rigorous walking workout. Listening to fast paced music while working out has a positive impact as it encourages people to exercise harder and for longer duration. You also tend to lose sight of time when listening to music while working out.

Get yourself a dog or borrow your neighbor’s for a walking workout. Dogs are highly energetic by nature and walking a dog will give you the highly charged walking workout that you require.