Calorie Power Lifting Diet Meal Plan

There are people who would give anything to lose weight, and shed their body weight; then there are individuals who would give anything to achieve the opposite.

The latter type of individuals is rare in number,and mainly consists of people who have the sole goal to win body building champion. If you are one of them and want to work out like crazy, there’s only one mantra for you.

Eat more, lift more, get more’. Believe in this mantra and get started. We hope that the few pointers we are going to offer here will help you achieve what you want.

Protein, Protein and more Protein

The fact is what it is! Make protein your friend. Think big when thinking about proteins. Rich protein, both in quantity and quality, will help you repair process the tissues lost and help in building more muscles. So eat as much protein-rich food possible.

The sources of high quality proteins can be listed as breasts of chicken and turkey, pork tenderloin, fish’s egg whites, whey, protein supplement, etc. Select different (and more than one) sources of protein, and include such in your diet. Also make sure that the foods are low on fat.

Milk That Give You Proteins And Calories.

Milk contains rich amounts, and quality, of protein.There’s a saying for people who want to gain big muscles; it goes somewhat like this,’Gallon of milk a day’. Go for the thought and you will know that you have to drink loads of milk will give you proteins and calories.

Rich Carbohydrates Content

People who want to lose weight, stay far away from rich carbohydrate content in their daily meals. But we aren’t going for that. So, to build the structure you want go for high quality carbohydrate foods such as whole grain bread, cereals, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc. Carbohydrate provides essential energy and fiber to your body; so make sure you have a decent amount of this.

Essential Fats

What? Yes, fats. Not every type will help in your condition, rather they will make you just plain fat. But some will provide you with essential fats, which the body needs. Have some from the following sources: Flax seeds, olive oil, omega 3 fish oils, etc.

Meals Plan

Now that you have an idea what you have to eat to grow and maintain your huge structure, you should know when and at what timing you should eat. Plan at least 6 meals throughout the day, and not 3-4. If you calculate, you will see that the space between two meals is coming to around 2-2 1/2 hours; that’s exactly how it should be.

By doing this, you are constantly feeding your body with proteins and vitamins and building it to grow and prosper. You should also plan and keep small carbohydrate and fat rich meals, for the time after and before your workout.

This way, the body will be able to get the positive qualities of the two nutrients and not the negative ones. Do not break the chain i.e. don’t get used to with the diet for one month, and then after seeing no visible results, stopping the diet routine. Continue for at least 5-6 months, before which the results will not start to show.

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