Cardio Exercises for Losing Weight

Regular cardio exercises is one of the best and most important things one can do for achieving their weight loss goals. Choosing the right exercises can be a little overwhelming since there are endless routines available; however there are some of the simplest and most effective cardio exercises for losing weight.
Running, for example, is an activity that can be performed anytime. All you need is decent shoes that won’t put too much pressure on your feet and are comfortable. It burns tremendous amounts of calories, especially if you have hills and sprints in your routine. For example a 145 pound person can easily burn 300 calories (at 5.2 mph) in just half an hour. Be careful of knee and ankle pain though.

Bicycling: it provides great cardio because it uses all the leg power there is available. It helps you increase endurance and you can burn as much as 250-500 calories in a mere 30 minutes, at a moderate speed of about 150-200 RPM.

Swimming: requires energy from every part of the body as it is twisted and rotated against the water. It is a full body exercise. 30 minutes of breast stroke will help you burn as much as 400 calories. There is no risk of joint injury whatsoever. Swimming also provides excellent cross-training for many other cardio exercises.

Step Aerobics: this is quite a touch and rigorous workout as it targets your legs, buttocks and hips allowing you burning around 400 calories every half an hour, in high intensity sessions. It can be easily learned from training DVDs.

Rowing: rigorously rowing with high intensity is really effective for the heart and the arms are excessively exercised. Being something you will opt for once in a while, you will burn much more calories. The burn rate is around 300 calories in 30 minutes for a person weighing around 145 pounds.

The heart is a muscle and like all other muscles it has the potential to grow bigger and get stronger. Cardiovascular exercises increase heart’s endurance, its capacity to pump blood and the thickness of its walls. This gives you a much stronger heart that will last much longer, thereby giving  you a longer and healthier life.

Ridhi Rajpal