Cardio Vascular Exercise That Actually Work

Cardio Vascular ExerciseCardio vascular exercises maintain heart efficiency and ensure better blood circulation to the body organs. Due to the poor lifestyle and stress the cardio vascular diseases are increasing tremendously. Some of the cardio vascular exercise benefits are reduction in the percentage of your body fat and risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Including cardio vascular exercises in your exercise regime every day, help you in developing stamina and improving your overall health.

The list of cardio vascular exercises is known to everyone, because from every walk of life people have done some basic activities such as jogging, cycling, walking, hiking, jumping and many more. Incorporating cardio vascular exercises in your everyday life helps in preventing many diseases. It even lowers down your cholesterol levels. It is not necessary that you have to go to gym for doing cardio vascular exercise. At home also you can perform cardio vascular exercises.

What Are The Cardio Vascular Exercises?

The cardio vascular system is even known as the circulatory system. The main components of your cardio vascular system are blood, heart and blood vessels. Your heart pumps out the blood and blood vessels transfer as well as deliver blood in your body. Cardio vascular exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy cardio vascular system. It is also sometime known as an aerobic exercise or just cardio. It involves large groups of muscle like legs.

They also improve the cardio vascular system efficiency in absorbing as well as transporting oxygen. Cardio vascular exercises include flexibility and strength exercises. The exercises are known as cardio vascular because these exercises work on your lungs and heart. This means you need to train the important body parts to work efficiently. Cardio vascular exercises are the best way to control or reduce weight as well as reduce stress. Both stress and obesity can increase the risk of growing heart disease.

Different Types Of Cardio Vascular Exercises

The great thing about the cardio vascular exercise is it has huge number of exercises, which works out on your lungs and heart. There are varieties of cardio vascular exercise that you will certainly find the one that will suit with your lifestyle and needs. There are mainly 2 types of cardio vascular exercise, outdoor and indoor exercises.

Outdoor cardio vascular exercises include inline skating, walking, bicycling, jogging, swimming, running and many more. Indoor cardio vascular exercises include the use of rowing machines, treadmills, ladder climbers, elliptical trainers, stationary bicycles and other equipment in gym.  Walking is the cheapest, simplest and easiest of all the exercises. Walking is best for those who are just beginning to exercise.

Walking on a plain flat surface is very easy, but it becomes difficult when you start walking uphill. Another easy exercise is treadmill. Running and jogging are much harder as compared to walking, they have more impact on your body. Swimming is a no impact cardio vascular exercise, which involves all the body muscles. It is effective for people who are just now recovering from any type of injury. Cycling is also a no impact exercise.

How Much To Exercise?

The routine of cardio vascular exercise you do depends on your physical fitness. You cannot suddenly start your workout by running miles in just one night. Most of the health experts tell that the cardio vascular workout should be for 20 minutes to 60 minutes. The average duration is just about 30 minutes to 40 minutes.  While doing exercise it is important that your heart rate is measured. It can be measured either manually or by a heart beat monitor.

Maximum heart beat can be calculated by the formula of 226 minus the woman’s age and 220 minus the man’s age.  The best way is to talk with your physician regarding the workout plan, to know how much you should exercise. You can even start slowly by doing half an hour of cardio vascular exercises. Make a perfect exercise plan with the help of your physician and become physically fit.


Cardio vascular exercises are must for people who want to lose extra weight. It helps you in maintaining perfect figure by burning-out the calories from the body. If you can’t afford costly exercising equipments, then cardio exercises are perfect for you. Some of the cardio vascular exercises can help you in achieving maximum results, such as swimming, rock climbing, rowing, running, skipping and aerobics. Cardio vascular exercises help in improving your heart health.

cardiovascular exercises

Heart is composed of several muscles; therefore it should be properly worked out for making it stronger. Getting your heart beat at rapid rate will keep it always healthy. Cardio vascular exercises help in improving the rate of metabolic reactions, which take place in your body. So it increases the over-all rate of your body metabolism. They also improve your hormonal profile. As the exercise will release some hormones in your body and will make you feel good.

They also reduce the symptoms of depression and fatigue, which are common in today’s life. Physical activity on regular basis will improve the functioning of cardio vascular system. This means it will increase blood circulation, right from your heart and to the blood vessels. Thus, your lungs and heart work effectively.

Exercise even helps you in breathing properly, at high rate. More oxygen goes inside your body and reaches different tissues and body cells. Cardio vascular exercises not just help in reducing weight, but even help in the overall improvement of the body stamina. These exercises lower down fatigue as well as strengthen your body muscles, and this result in improved body stamina.

Do Remember

Always remember that you do proper warm-up before you start any of cardio vascular exercises. Your warm-up session should involve ample stretches for your body muscles. Warm-up makes your body alert and active before starting your exercise routine. By doing the cardio vascular exercise you will start feeling some difference within few days only. So if you have not started taking care of your health, then start now, because you don’t know what can happen in future.  So it’s better you start taking care of your health, by doing cardio vascular exercise.