Cleanse Your Body Through Yoga

All of us brush our teeth, take bath and wash our face to keep ourselves clean. Have we ever thought that we need to keep our intestines, bowels, lungs and stomach clean? Have we done anything about cleaning our inner system just like we clean our skin? Just like a car needs wash and servicing, our body also requires cleaning and maintenance.

Sages of ancient times have developed ways of cleansing our inner organs. The act of cleansing is called a kriya in Sanskrit language. There are six major techniques that cleanse the body. Cleansing is done by altering breathing patterns, use of water, flame, cloth and so on.

For cleansing the eyes, a technique called trataka is practiced using candle flame. Neti is a technique of cleaning the nose up till the throat region.

Kapala bhati is a technique of cleaning the lungs and upper abdominal region. Stomach region is cleansed by dhouti technique. Abdominal organs are cleansed by Nauli kriya. Basti is the way of cleaning the lower gastro intestinal tract till the rectum.

Kriyas must be done under supervision. They must be done in the correct way to avoid any organ injury or other problems. The method of doing these kriyas can be modified suited to the medical condition of the individual.

Kriyas cleanse the respiratory tract, gastro intestinal tract and optical pathways by detoxifying and rejuvenating the system. It not only removes dirt but also any kind of hyper sensitivity along the pathways.

Kriyas are excellent means of developing inner awareness. In the long run, kriyas build the body’s stamina, strength and immunity.

Kriyas energize and clean the body by using external medium like water, flame and so on or by sharpening the will power of a person. One needs to take lot of rest after kriya practices so that the body can rejuvenate. Kriyas must be done in a restful state to derive maximum benefits from it.

Kriyas can be practiced in groups or individually. They need to be performed on empty stomach early in the morning. Depending on the kriya they can be done daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

A prayer is customary before performing the kriya so that we are calm and composed during the cleansing process.Kriyas if practiced regularly has the capacity to keep us fit, active and resistant to disease causing agents.

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