Controlling Your Weight During Holidays

Weight watching is not a conscious process when you’re on your toes for months together. But when the holidays set in, your weight is on you alone.

Controlling your weight during the rushing holidays isn’t a tough job. Just as you make plans for your family and yourself for enjoyment, include health as a member too.

Weight control is possible through the dedicated effort of an hour and making the rest of the day fun and abuzz with activity. Holidays leave you with more time to take care of your body and skin, and bring the weight under control without much distraction. That also means excuses.

Managing weight issues shouldn’t be anything like the robotic monotonous exercise program it is made out to be. You can involve your family and friends to lighten up the weight loss regime.

You don’t really need to draw up determination reserves to watch your weight go down; only get yourself mobile when you’d rather give in to the temptation of squeezing in inactivity to take rest.

Be Regular In Your Habits

Holidays are meant for you to stay out late without an alarm to force you up before the sun rises up too. But don’t make it your temporary way of life so you find it difficult to effortlessly slip back into your work routine. Sleep on time so you give your body and mind sufficient time to rest and digest.

Don’t oversleep or lie in bed an extra hour if you don’t need to. Eat your meals on time. In fact, use the absence of rigid working hours to tailor your eating habits to the healthiest.

House Jobs

There’s always something to do in the house. Plan in advance what you want to clean up, wash and throw and do it yourself. Keeping busy doesn’t allow for much weight gain and you’ll be surprised at how much domestic exercise can be got out of putting your home in order, like you’d want to do with your fitness levels.

Doing yor own laundry, using the vacuum cleaner, cooking your meals and dusting and cleaning the house keeps you active and makes good use of the food you eat to provide energy.

Move Around

If there’s a technological appliance meant for your convenience, remember it has been invented to replace your own effort and energy spent. Bypass the help and do your jobs on your own.

You cannot find a good enough substitute for the TV, but you can skip the elevator for the stairs if your health allows you to. Walk to near blocks instead of driving and stretch or spot-jog while watching the TV. Walk around while on the phone and keep your things in high places so you stretch to reach for them.

Eat Healthy

Undoubtedly, you cannot avoid the parties and get-together which come with lots of delectable but fattening food, but you can limit them and stick to your food chart.

Avoid oily food and shop for fresh green vegetables and fruits in season. Eat smaller and frequent portions in a day comprising of uncooked vegetables and salad. Include fruit bowls in between meals when you feel hungry. Cut down on starchy food like boiled corn and refined bread or rice.

When you go someplace for a visit, stick to uncooked food for the most part and eat smaller portions.

Don’t drink too much at night, especially, as the liver is overworked and the alcohol is then deposited as fat in the body. This adds to the visceral fat which is dangerous for your organs. Drink adequate water to help the digestion. Drink a full glass before going to bed and one immediately after waking up.

Hit The Gym

During the holidays, you have a lot of extra time on your hands which can be suitably divided into relaxation, enjoyment, chores and personal care. For people with long working hours, going to the gym drains them further and is thus avoided so they can pay attention to the household and the family.

Health neglect is further deepened with the presence of young children who need parental attention and care. Month-long holidays are the best time to foster your health and focus on controlling your weight without the guilt factor figuring in if you have children. Go to the gym thrice a week and enlist a personal trainer to give you detailed assistance in your workout.

Lose The Boredom

If the gym comes close to a jailed exercise routine from which you have no escape, then you can explore other options which you can go for with your friends too. Dancing classes are held everywhere, and allow anyone to join regardless of age.

You can sign up for one with an interested friend and it is a good idea to go with someone who also seeks to keep the weight under control. If everyone else is on vacation abroad and you find yourself battling your eating urges alone, then motivate yourself by joining classes for a trained dance form.

You’ll keep yourself busy at home too, practicing to master the moves. Join an aerobics class for a full work out. It doesn’t leave you very tired and pumps in the energy and tunes your body into shape.

You have greater flexibility of timings during the holidays, and so registered classes don’t have to interfere with the holiday schedules you have in mind.

Don’t Compromise On Exercise

Exercising doesn’t entail hard to move equipment in all cases. Go for a walk or better still, run a few laps around the neighborhood park in the mornings. If you don’t have the facility, wake up early and jog along your block. Skip at home with proper shoes on and supplement it with floor exercises. Stretch to warm your muscles up before any intense exercise.

Every holiday season brings with it the promise of wonderful memories and possible new experiences you’ll munch on for life. But whatever the obligation, either at work, or catching up with family during the holidays, health is never secondary. Controlling your weight has numerous benefits and long breaks can be very well utilized to realize the goal.