Cooking Correctly to Help Lose Weight

How you cook your food is very important as it may lose certain vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Cooking should also involve reducing the fat in what you are cooking. There are specific ways that you can cook which are beneficial to you.

You will notice that while making soup, the fat rises to the surface. Rather than mixing it, remove it with a spoon and trash it. Cooking your food in a microwave will also help as the foods retain the vitamins and do no require added fat while being cooked. Start cooking on a non stick pan as you can bake and saute anything you wish to without adding even a drop of oil.

Pressure cooking your food will also help you cook the food without adding any oil. Steam your food while cooking as it helps in preserving the vitamins and minerals that may be lost in another type of cooking.

Avoid eating egg yolks and you will find that you can eat up to three egg whites for breakfast as a good health benefit for fitness. There are lots of spreads you can make in the blender with no fat and pasta can be added to your diet when you eat in pesto sauce which contains no oil.

If yo uare eating meat, grill it in the oven and make sure you keep a tray underneath so that the fat is collecting in the tray and removed from the meat. This is a much more nutritious way of eating meat.

Opt for low fat yogurt or low fat, skimmed milk. Even if you need to eat cottage cheese, see that it is made from low fat milk.

You can cut down on the salt by adding some lemon. If you really need to eat burgers, pat it with tissue to remove all the excess oil and then eat it. If you are eating chicken, remove the skin so that the excess fat is removed before you have cooked it. This is what contains the extra calories. If you need to eat meat, opt for fish, which can be baked and grilled.