Cure Constipation In Children With Yoga

cure constipation in children with yogaConstipation is a problem that not only affects adults, but bothers children too. Right from breast feeding children to those who are around 14 to 15 years of age, can have constipation.

Sometimes this constipation in kids is a mere occurrence, which occurs all of a sudden, due to certain external disturbances and the alterations of the body mechanism in response to it, such as types of food being eaten, lack of drinking adequate water, too much intake of rich and spicy food and several other factors. Children, who are really innocent as compared to adults, to handle this problem, suffer a lot on occasion of constipation, from side effects such as stomach ache, vomiting tendency and loss of appetite.

When you are certain that your kid is suffering from constipation, you can adopt several ways to prevent it. One most easy way is to take him or her to the doctor for an immediate relief. Together with it, you must encourage your child to practice some yoga postures on a daily basis, so that the habit of chronic constipation does not develop in your kid.

Moreover, it must be remembered in this context that whenever constipation becomes chronic in kids it brings about other associated problems, such as pain while trying to clear bowel, sometimes minor ruptures and bleeding along with stool, since the stool gets extremely hardened due to lack of water in the body of the child, etc. All these can make the kid traumatized about the whole process and he or she would try to hide away from the feeling of nature’s call and rather prefer to suppress it, resulting in aggravation of the symptom in the process.

Thus, in order to ensure that the disease does not become chronic, a list of yoga exercises are being provided, that are specially designed for relieving constipation, which is beneficial for adults as well as your child. Include them as a part of your kid’s daily work and you will be gainer. So, instruct your kid as directed.

Yoga exercise no.1

This asana is known as ‘Sarvangasana’ as it benefits the whole body.

In order to perform this asana, you need to lie down straight on a flat ground, with your face facing upwards. Your legs must be spread out and kept straight while your hands must rest on either side of your body. Keep your spine straight and look straight upwards.

Now slowly lift both of your legs upwards, focusing the ceiling. Next, try and lift the lower part of your body to a slightly higher level than your waist. Thus, you form a 90 degree angle with the ground and your chin must dig inside your chest.

Support your position by the help of your hands that should hold on to your waist, from both sides firmly, while the elbows will rest on the ground.
Maintain your posture, in this manner for around 20 to 30 seconds, which might not be possible to achieve in the initial days. But with practice the level could be reached. After the mentioned time the posture is to be released and you must get back to your previous position. Repeat after a gap of 10 seconds, for five sets.

Breathing process

Breathe in while your lift yourself up and breathe out while you release the posture. Otherwise, the breathing process will be normal throughout the exercise.

Yoga exercise no.2

This asana is known as ‘Matsyasana’ or the fish posture.

Sit straight on the ground keeping your spine erect. You must keep your legs in such a manner that your legs are folded and knees are on the either direction of your body. Lock your left leg with your right leg in such a way that your left foot crosses your right foot from below and comes up, just as in ‘lotus posture’ or ‘Padmasana’.

Next, slowly lie down on your back. As you touch the ground, lift and turn your head in a way that the top of your head touches the ground. Raise your chest a bit. Now, the posture resembles a fish.

Hold your feet with the subsequent hands and stay in the posture for 25 to 30 seconds. After that release slowly, sit up, open your legs and get back to the previous posture. After an interval of 10 seconds repeat the asana and try to do it as much as 5 times.

Breathing process

While you lie on your back, release your breath and while you rise up to release, breathe in. For the rest of the exercise the breathing should be normal.

Yoga exercise no.3

This exercise is known as ‘Salvasana’. Together with curing constipation, it also fights flatulence and indigestion and increases hunger.

Lie down on the ground in such a way that your face is towards the ground. Keep your legs straight and stretched out, while your hands must rest on the either side of your body with your palms facing the ground. Keep your head turned sideways, so that you can breathe while performing the exercise.
Slowly, lift both your legs together, from the ground, upwards till as much as you can. Keep the support with both your palms kept in the position already mentioned.

Hold on to the position for a time period of about 10 to 15 seconds. After that, release slowly and pull your legs down. Take break of 10 seconds in between and continue doing the whole procedure for 4 sets.

Breathing process

Breathing process will be normal inhalation and exhalation. The only exception will be when the legs are lifted, when you must breathe in, and when the legs are dropped down, when you must breathe out.

Other things to do

Together with following these exercises as a daily part of your kid’s life, there are certain things you must do to achieve total cure from constipation. Insist on a regular toilet training for your kid. It will be best if you could habituate your kid to practice the process of excretion twice a day, once in the morning and another time in the evening.

Create a habit in your kid to have something hot before going for bowel clearance, such as hot water or hot milk. Hot drinks promote the feeling of excretion, ease the process and fights constipation.

Include more of roughage and dietary fibers in your kid’s diet in the form of vegetables, bran, oats, fruits etc. that helps in clear bowel movement.

Look carefully if your kid has enough fluid intake every day, in the form of water and several other juices and soups, that would never harden your kid’s stool and cause painful bowel clearance.

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