Cure Digestive Problems With Diet And Yoga

Cure Digestive Problems With Diet And YogaSome of the typical problems that are related to the digestive system, that people suffer from are acidity, indigestion, frequent loose motion and dysentery. These have almost become recurrent health aliment in almost 80% of the people. Stress, mental tension, untimely food intake, lifestyle, all reflects in the human system in the form of these typical problems.

Loads and loads of digestive syrup, antacids and anti-flatulent dugs also seem ineffective at times in treating these diseases. We have often seen our brothers, or sisters or any other family members complaining of these digestive problems and depending on these medicines, as if they are the S.O.S drugs.

It becomes so indispensable for them at times that one day without these drugs become unthinkable for them. A mild occurrence of flatulence or the slightest acidity is a regular occurrence in most of the people that find a temporary solution in these medicines and treatments and the problem remains where it was.

To get out of these problems it is not a practical thing to say that decrease your tension, get your stress lessened or minimize your work tension and pressure. Rather, some exercises and dietary regulations will be a more realistic solution to get out of these lifestyle problems. So, first let us understand some of the chronic digestive system related problem and what might be the dietary recommendations for such problems.


This is one of the most commonly occurring problems among most of the people. They struggle everyday in the toilet to get their bowel cleared. Some of the food items play important role in aggravating the problem. Increase the liquid intake in you daily food plan. Consume as much water as you can every day. Best will be to take in 10 to 12 glasses of water per day.

Dietary fibers in the food assist in mobility of the bowels down the tract. So eat as much as coarse wheat, brown bread, brown rice as you can in your diet. Consume more and more of green vegetables, fresh fruits, grams, sprouts, legumes that will help to clear out the bowel. Never take in any sort of laxative or purgative as that would aggravate the condition even more and become habit forming.


Another very grave problem which is connected to our daily life is dysentery. It is rather embarrassing as well. This problem is characterized by frequent loose motion, along with nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Dysentery also leads to bleeding as well at times, termed as ‘blood dysentery’.

In case if you have blood dysentery immediately consult the doctor. Together with it increase fluid intake and drink as much as ORS as you can in your daily regime. Drink water mixed with a pinch of salt to treat dehydration associated with dysentery. If dysentery is not associated with blood, even then water content in the body has to be increased. Drink more of glucose water, full boiled and steamed rice, lightly cooked food, light fish stew and food that are easily digestible. Avoid vegetables, fruits and rich, spicy and oily food as much as possible during dysentery.


This is one of the most commonly occurring digestive problems. It is characterized by a sour feeling in the mouth, long with indigestion and feeling of vomiting at times. It also leads to a heavy feeling in the chest too.

People suffering from acidity are advised to avoid fruits that are sour or are conducive to acidity like oranges, lemons, pears, banana etc. There are conditions even when people get affected by acidity when they consume rich food, spicy dishes, milk, soft drinks etc. avoid all these from your regular diet as far as possible. Do not eat too much of sweets and too much of vegetables in one go. Never remain empty stomach for longer durations, rather consume as mere as a biscuit even, in between a gap of at least two hours.


It is very important to go for some very effective yoga exercises too, along with diet too to cure these problems permanently.

Exercise one

This yoga exercise is known as ‘Pavanmuktasasa’. Lie down on your back on a flat ground. Keep your feet straight and your arms on either side of your body. Your head should be erect and you should look upwards.

Now lift your left leg gradually and fold it and bring it closer to your chest. Now hold your leg tightly to your chest you wrapping them with both of your arms. Hold on to the posture for 10 to 15 seconds and then release gradually and get back to the original position. Now repeat the exercise with your right leg in the similar way.

Benefits of this exercise

This is a great gas and flatulence reliever and cures acidity.

Exercise two

This yoga is known as ‘Vajrasana” Sit on the flat ground by keeping your spine straight and legs stretched out in front of you. Your head should be erect and you should look straight. Now, slowly bend each of your legs at a time to the backward direction and place them firmly on the ground.

Place you feet in just a way that they come under your hip. Now, sit on your legs by exerting the full weight of your body. Sit in that position for 15 minutes at least while keeping your mind calm and concentrated.  Your breathing should be normal all the while. Now release slowly and get back to the original position.

Exercise three

This exercise is known as ‘Utthita Nitambasan’ Lie down on your back on a flat and even surface. Keep your head straight and your hands flat and resting on either side of you body. Your legs must be straight and stretched in front of you. Now bend your legs and bring those inwards, towards your body. Hold on to that position for a few seconds. During this time lift your hip upwards, as much as you can, keeping the hand position on the either side of your body static.

Support your posture with your arms for 10 to 15 seconds and then release slowly.

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