Daily exercise for fitness

Daily exercise for fitness

Physical health depends upon a diverse set of attributes including good and balanced diet, proper sleep, stress free environment and high emotional quotient. But even the presence of all these multiple factors in life, cannot replace the benefits provided by regular exercise to wellbeing of an individual.

Physical exercise is vital due to b It is required to reduce stress and cholesterol levels, control weight, decrease the risk of cancer,improve eating habits, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, and the most important of all to improve frame of mind.

When it comes to exercising, one needs to choose between high aerobic exercise and moderate work out activities as its said that high aerobic exercises make body create more free radicals that have a negative impact on the bodycells, thus making one more prone to diseases.  Moderate exercise, on the other hand, helps in releasing powerful hormones that fight harmful chemicals and results of stress, helps in improving body’s abilities to cope with oxidants, makes one feel more energetic, helps in fighting boredom and sustain interest in life, thus keeping one in shape, vigorous and able bodied.

Moderate exercises can be done under the training of a professional expert or can be done in our day to day activities. One can walk to workplace, or back home from workplace (if the distance is not too much), can take stairs instead of preferring an elevator (unless the number of storeys in not large or one is not in a hurry). Definitely, any type of work out should be accompanied by proper nutrition.But the benefits of exercise can be availed, if and only if it’s a part of everyday routine. One needs to make it a habit and follow the schedule in a sacrosanct manner to attain healthy body.

In present day environment rush has become a synonym for ‘happy life’, people find it difficult to achieve balance in personal and professional life.They really forget that professional life can be stabilized if personal life is well adjusted. Daily work out is the not the only solution to all the problem, but it can take care of major chunk of health related issues.