Dances and their Roles in Fitness

Dancing is not only an art, but also a form of exercise. If you are fond of exercise, you will find that besides having fun there are a large number of benefits in it.

You not only meet people, but without realising it, you also do an extensive cardio workout without going to the gym to lose weight. Here are some great dances to learn that will tone different parts of your body.

Ballroom dancing concentrates more on the upper body and arms. Regular ballroom dancing will tone up your back and shoulder muscles. It involves a lot of grace, and you’ll surely improve your posture.

To get a flat stomach, a rumba is one of the best dances to try out. This involves exercising the core muscles of your stomach. You will find that you will be rotating your hips quite a bit.Through this dance, you will tone the stomach and hips

The rumba will help get rid of the love handles which you may have been seeing around your stomach and waist. This dance form requires you to keep your shoulders still so that most of the work is done by the lower body.

The cha cha is another dance routine which has been popular for ages. This is one of the best cardio workouts. It requires very quick movements with the legs and you will find yourself moving from side to side and doing soft jumps all through your dance.

It is so quick and energetic that you will find yourself perspiring within ten minutes of starting this workout. Besides being a cardio workout, it does a good job in toning the legs.

If you have a large bottom and heavy around thighs, try doing the waltz. This requires going up and down on the toes and a lot of crossing of the legs. You will also have to make short, quick bends. When done for fifteen minutes daily, you will find yourself losing weight around the buttocks and thighs.

As you grow older, you notice that there is always extra flab around the stomach and waist areas. This is what is known as love handles. The Cuban dance will help you get rid of these. This will help in tightening and toning around the midriff area and you will notice your love handle reduce slowly.