Dealing with Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition which prevents the body from utilising glucose which thereby leads to accumulation sugar leading to rise in blood glucose level.Depending upon various factors like age,cause,treatment etc,this disease can be categorised into three types namely type-I diabetes,type-II diabetes and gestational diabetes.As soon as people are detected with diabetes ,they should consult their doctor for their advice and guidance  and follow them.

In addition, timely check ups and tests too must be done at regular prescribed intervals and should not be ignored .However, with proper diet, exercise and timely medication we can help to control and manage diabetes more easily.

Its very important and necessary to maintain weight.For this ,regular moderate exercise should be planned out. Like some light exercises, brisk walking, yogas etc.These  exercises helps to regulate the blood glucose levels, improves the action of insulin, helps to loose weight and improves digestion.

Similarly, diet plays a vital role in controlling diabetes by helping in  maintaining and loosing weight. So, for this a regular and timely meal should  be planned out and followed.It is always advisable to avoid huge gaps in between two meals instead small frequent meals should be practised.In addition,one should avoid skipping meals or over eating. The main objective during this condition ,is not to keep your stomach empty but should always try to keep stomach  light with healthy meals and snacks.

Hence,right selection of diet is also an important  part of diet control in case of diabetic condition.Including green vegetables, fibre rich diets,cereals,grains, milk and milk products, pulses and legumes,fruits rich in fibre like pears, guava, orange, papaya etc in regular diets helps to control and maintain diabetes.Various nutrients like fibre, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium,vitamin -B complex, folic acid, zinc, iron etc should be included in diet by selecting their respective sources.One must try to have early dinner and should take a brisk walk before going to bed at night.

Lastly,one must take our medicines on time and as prescribed by the doctor. Should never try to alter the dosages prescribed without consultation with the doctor. Thus ,with regular dosages of medicines as prescribed by the doctor, physical exercise and proper healthy diet one can overcome and control diabetes.

Raka Raghuvanshi