Decoding Crash Diets

All of us want to flaunt a svelte and attractive figure. In our quest to attain the perfect figure, many resort to crash dieting. We do not realize the ills and dangers, we are exposing ourselves to. Experts would rightly comment that the best and healthy way to lose weight is to exercise on a daily basis, coupled with the right kind of diet. Though, this is a full proof method to ensure weight loss, the results take time to show. Most people prefer not to wait for so long and opt for crash diets.

Decoding Crash Diets

How many times do we twitch seeing our self in the mirror? How many times do we not fit into our old pair of trousers? The answer to the above questions would be numerous. Every time we want to lose weight on an immediate basis, we make rapid changes to our diet. These rapid changes are commonly known as Crash diet. A crash diet mostly lasts for a few days spanning less than a week. It can be called as a temporary solution for issues relating to over weight.

Hazards of Crash Dieting

There are more negative aspects than positive aspects when it comes to Crash dieting. We are not aware of the numerous evils that we are being exposed to, thanks to crash dieting.

Firstly, most crash diets ensure that we cut off from food. They require us to abstain from food. As a result, our body gets deprived of essential minerals and nutrients that cause lethargy.

Secondly, research has pointed out, that opting for crash diets on a regular basis damages the digestive system and may even cause irreparable damage.

Thirdly, the crash diet makes our body weak and affects our immunity system. Need less to say, we succumb to ailments more easily and frequently than others.

Fourthly, crash diets lead to weight loss by simply getting rid of the water retained by the body. Hence, the moment we stop crash dieting, we start to gain double the weight we loss.

Lastly, it exposes us to major health threats like Anorexia. These diseases, if not treated at the budding stage itself, may turn fatal.

Hence, to avoid complications, it is advised that we resort to a proper diet plan.