Diabetes Exercise That Work

Diabetes Exercise That WorkDiabetes is often referred to as Diabetes Mellitus. This has now become a serious problem around the globe. Everyone nowadays seems to be suffering with this disease. Diabetes is usually caused when your body either produces insulin in excess or there is deficit of insulin in your body. So, in short, diabetes is caused due to the effect of insulin on the body.

The Reason Behind Diabetes

The most common cause of diabetes is unhealthy diet. There are many other factors also which are responsible for the causing of diabetes to an individual.  They are laziness, obesity, overweight, unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking, lack of exercises etc. Heredity also plays an important factor in getting diabetes. Obesity and overweight are few of the very important causes of diabetes. Exercise is the only solution to it.

Why Should We do Exercise?

Good exercise helps in controlling body weight as well as your sugar level. When you exercise, your body requires more oxygen. This in turn creates more need of energy in the form of glucose for the body. Thus, it utilizes the extra amount of sugar present in the body. Hence, exercising helps you keeping the body sugar level low.

Necessary Exercises to be Done

As stated above, exercise is a must for our body in everyday life. Especially the necessity increases when you are a diabetic patient. In such a case the care becomes even the more important. Well, there has never been any particular list of exercise assigned for any disease. The exercises have to be done in accordance with the intensity and degree of problem being suffered.Exercise usually suggested by doctors are, brisk walk, or aerobics. Aerobics help in make you breathe faster and also plays a role in making your heart function better. Care must be taken that you do not over exert yourself while doing the exercise.

At the beginning, you should exercise for around 5-10 minutes and not more. And gradually increase the time duration of your exercise. A warm up is required before starting any exercise, and so must you cool down after the entire session.You can start with aerobics like walking, dancing, jogging or cycling. These take up energy and helps in increasing heart rate. If the patient is not very old, then he/she can also join games like badminton, tennis also. Along with the above cardio exercises, you should also do a bit of muscle strengthening exercises as well. These may include lifting weights which are not very heavy. Also you should do flexibility exercises or stretching.

A few hand movements, neck rotations, body stretching should do the needful.Another fact must be kept in mind that, you should not sit back at home all the day. You should active and not lethargic. Since laziness is another cause of diabetes. Hence you should try and move as much as possible. For example, you can use the staircase instead of the lift. Or if you have to travel a short distance then you should walk rather than drive.Gardening also involves physical activity.  Also when you are working in a garden you are surrounded with fresh air, which is good for you.

Running To Prevent Diabetes

In fact, for a healthier body, you should start your day with exercise and fresh air. This is very beneficial and controls the sugar level too. Before selecting any exercise always consult your doctor, just to ensure that it does not further affect your health negatively.

Have a Busy Life, No Time for Exercise?

Well if this is your worry then you needn’t worry. Exercise does not mean that you have to sit for 30 minutes in the day and do exercise. It may happen that you cannot even take out these minutes from your daily schedule. In such a case you can do exercise along the day. Any physical task which involves body movements will be considered as exercise. The important factor here is that you need to be active and not idle. Walking, working, doing the household works or any other activity which involves you to move your body, your hand, leg etc. will help prevent diabetes. But it must be kept in mind that the exercise you do in such a case should be more intense. For example if you are going shopping, then you can park your car 10 minutes away from the shopping area or if possible walk the way to the market. All this will help to control the blood sugar level.

Few Precautions

Few precautions must be taken even while you are exercising.  Too much of stressful activity can create problem. Also it might reduce the sugar level too much, which might make you feel dizzy of fatigue. So for such cases, you should keep few bars of chocolates by your side, so that incase such incidents happen, you can again increase the sugar level in your body. Also, if you not feeling well on a particular day then wait till you feel better. You must also keep a check on your sugar level on a regular basis. Care must also be taken on a humid or a hot temperature since the temperature affects the sugar level.

What can be Eaten?

Along with regular exercises, a diabetic patient has to take extra care of his/her eating habits. There are many food products that can create higher danger to the diabetic patient. Hence, such food items should be avoided. Type 2 diabetes sufferers should omit the sweets substance from their normal meals. Since, there is already excess of sugar in the body, and eating more of sweet stuffs can create further problems. Fruits containing fiber are mostly suitable for the patients since they reduce the release of sugar in our blood. These include apple, pears, apricot, blueberries, pomegranates, kiwi etc.

They cannot eat fruits which have fructose, sucrose or glucose in it since this is another form of sugar and are not safe for consumption. They can be mango, guavas. On the other hand, fruits which are high on insulin/sugar like watermelon, grapes, oranges and especially bananas are very harmful for them. These should be completely avoided.Therefore, one must take necessary precautions and care to combat the disease of diabetes and live peacefully and healthily. Hence you must exercise regularly along with following a healthy and a balanced diet