Diet for Asthma Patients

Those who suffer from Asthma have a tough life to lead. They are constantly under the threat of an asthma attack and have to avoid polluted places all the time. Sometimes, asthmatic patients have to even end up travelling much or going to some exotic vacation place, only because either it is very high up in terms of altitude or has some other problem, because of which they are scared that they might get an attack.

However, all these problems can be reduced only by making some small changes in your diet. Indeed, there are some foods which help asthma patients a lot, and once you start consuming them, you will be amazed to see the results.

But before that, first sit and identify what are the foods that you are allergic too. These foods necessarily do not mean ones that specifically cause rashes on your skin, thereby telling you that you are allergic to them. You simply need to understand which foods make your body uncomfortable. For example, consumption of milk, eggs or fish cause inflammation in the breathing and digestion tract of many people. Hence, asthma people need to avoid such inflammatory foods and focus more on cool foods.

Cool foods however do not mean “cold” means. You need to eat foods with less of spices and oils, so that your breathing and respiration happens smooth. Avoid too much of alcohol and soft drinks, and also avoid sour fruits and bananas. Junk food, which is high on oil, fats and other similar substances need to be avoided, as it causes congestion in the chest area. Focus more on fresh fruits and vegetables, and juices.

When cooking food, try taking healthy ingredients, such as Olive Oil instead of the regular one, more of vegetables as compared to other ingredients etc. Also, reduce the amount of spices that may cause inflammation. Keep drinking water regularly at all times of the day, and do not indulge in food that may cause even the slightest of congestion in your chest. It will not only increase your asthma problem, but will lead to multiple other diseases too.

Ridhi Rajpal