Don’t Play with Your Body

A little carelessness on our parts can cause big troubles to our health. These few things are very common but we tend to ignore them without realizing what harm they can cause to us.Woman as a wife, mother or daughter, will be found urging everyone in their families to go for regular health checks but when it comes to them, they have all kinds of excuses ready.

Call it their laziness or fear of disease; it is surely not a right thing. Women prolong their regular check-ups only to find out later that the ailment has reached an incurable stage. Women after the age of 30should be regular and very particular about their health. With breast cancer spreading quickly, every woman should visit a doctor at their earliest.

With the craze for zero figure, every girl has joined the rat race of strict dieting. Girls or even women can be found living only on salads. Even the thought of three meals a day (which is the right way), can give them nightmares. It is a misconception that giving away a particular type of food can make you slim, in fact, it can cause a deficiency that will affect the body adversely. What is required is to eat in moderation and never completely give-up anything. Instead of starving yourself and your temptations, eat in small quantities at regular intervals

Everyone knows how important it is to have a good night’s sleep but not all women can enjoy this luxury. As a result they suffer from sleeping disorders. This can harm your overall health and body. Women should sleep early irrespective of their work pressures, to have a good eight hours’ sleep.

You think about a gym and an instructor and those heavy weights and give up the idea of working out. Do not do this to yourself, you don’t have to necessarily join a health club to be fit, just a good one hour walk is all that your body requires to make it fit.

Smoking and drinking can cause more harm to a woman as compared to a man. These habits damage your liver, lungs and even brain cells. Say no to these evils to welcome a good and balanced life.

All you need is a little change in your lifestyle and everything will be taken care of.