Easing Aches and Pains Of Old Age

As you age, your physical capabilities are reduced. You have less stamina, can tolerate less strain and also lift less weight. It is more difficult to keep the body fit as you age, but unfortunately, this is the time when you need good health the most. It is important to start early and keep the body fit from the beginning, as it will stand by you better in your later days.

Although it may be difficult to have workouts designed for you, walking makes for the best exercise in the elderly. If you are able to get about by yourself, make it a point to walk everyday. If you feel that you cannot dedicate time for a walk as recreation, form the habit of going to buy some groceries of vegetables everyday, and you will build a walk into your daily routine.

You cannot do exercises that include lifting weights since you will be more prone to having prostrate troubles and hernia. Instead, carrying your grocery bags and small supplies are more than sufficient to work your muscles at this stage.

You must pay attention to your back. Do a little bending by either sweeping twice a week, or do some simple dusting or vacuuming around the house. This will help you work the back. Do not overdo it, as you could be bedridden for long. Start gradually, and do a little more with everyday that you are able. Never do more than fifteen to twenty minutes at a time.

You will find that older people have more irregularity in heart beat and pulse. Make sure you take time off to do some breathing exercises everyday. Simple deep breathing, holding the breath for a few seconds, and also breathing in and out through alternate nostrils should be sufficient for you.

Often, you will find circulation of blood starting to get affected as you age. To improve this, do simple foot exercises, and also hand exercises. These are the areas most affected, since blood does not reach the ends.

The best form of exercise for the elderly is yoga. It has little strain on the body since it is slow and not rigorous, and still has a very calming effect. It can also help to control most problems. Make sure you only attempt the simpler postures, and do not go for anything which is too difficult for you.