Easy High Interval Training Tips

There are various workout programs to suit everyone’s needs. There are tons of such programs, which are extremely efficient for any body type. Workout must not be done in a rigorous manner, unless it is related to cardio.

Each and every set of workout must be performed with a combination of slow movement and maximum strength. Only then, one can see the effective results. In order to make every workout program successful, you have to keep a few points in mind. The same goes with high interval training.

High Interval Training Tips

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Interval training deals with high intensity explodes of rapidity combined with slower revival phases in one single workout. It is the best form of losing all excess fat from your body in short span of time.

Here Are Some High Interval Training Tips

Warm Up is a Must

It is a known fact that no workout begins without warming up. Warming up includes stretching all body muscles in order to lead a continuous workout program. Stretch your legs, arms, wrists, thighs, stomach and every body part to make it elastic before the exercise.

Steady But Exigent Pace

This means that the person will have to stay at a speed which is steady. You cannot afford to keep changing the level and speed at which you perform the exercise. It has to be maintained throughout the program. Hence, try hard to stick to the speed with which you began the exercise.

High Interval Training Tips

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Use of Flat Surface

The worst exercise is performed on an uneven surface. Even though, uneven surface is recommended, but only for outdoor and rigorous exercises. So, you will have to see that you either workout on a smooth or cemented floor, or do not workout. High interval training only demands for an even floor for the program.

Bring Down Your Hearty Rate To 100-110 bpm

It means that while you rest; ensure that your heart rate is as low as 100 to 110 bpm. The rest interval largely depends on the next set of exercise that you are going to perform. Heart rate has to be lowered in order to again get back to the meticulous rate while you workout.

Measure Your Time

Make sure that you are carrying a stop watch with you when you perform any high interval training exercise. It will help you in guiding about your performance so far. Measuring your time will also give you an estimate of the time remaining.

High Interval Training Tips

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Resting Period Should Be Only for 35 Seconds

As soon as you sit and rest, you body tends to cool down. This should not be done in this type of workout. You cannot allow your body to rest for more than 35 seconds.

Grab all the nutrition needed

When you perform any high interval workout, you have to make your body fit and fine to bear the consequences of the exercise. Hence, ensure that the body is full of nutritional substances. Eat green leafy vegetables, drink milk, eggs should also be consumed and cut down on calorie enriched food items.

Rekha Samavedula