Effective Tips To Choreograph A Kickboxing Routine

In past few decades kickboxing has gain immense popularity as a fitness and weight loss workout. Apart from the fighters a lot of common people are taking interest in this combat workout.

Kickboxing can prove to be very effective in improving your overall health and fitness. But like all other fitness programs here also you have to maintain a regular routine to achieve your desired goal.

Kickboxing is a perfect combination of boxing and the powerful kicking styles of martial arts. Here are some simple guidelines for you to set up your workout routines which will help you to get the best possible results. But before starting any exercise routine you need to consult your doctor and if you want you can take advice from a kickboxing expert.

Learn the Basic Stances and Moves

To set up a kickboxing routine you need to know the basics of kickboxing. After learning all the counts and moves it will be a smooth job for you to choreograph a routine.

Learn the kickboxing stances properly. For instance, a right handed fighter has to stand with his left leg in front. And for the left handed fighter the rule is just opposite. The fighter should bend his knees slightly and should keep his fists close to his face.

Learn the Basic Punches and Kicks

There are five basic punches (hooks, jabs, uppercuts, crosses and body blows) and three main types of kicks (front kick, back kick and side kick) that you should learn. It is better to learn the techniques from a professional trainer. Use heavy bag and speed bag to make the moves more accurate.

Set Up Your Workout Plan

Most of the advanced moves of kickboxing are nothing but the wise combinations of basic punches and kicks. But to do this you need higher level of skill, endurance and co- ordination. You need to choreograph a workout plan and practice day in and day out to achieve your desired goal.

Stretch And Warm Up before Workout

Keep ten to fifteen minutes for stretching and warm up before starting workout. Stretching and warm up is necessary to avoid muscle cramp and injury. Performing an aerobic activity is a good way to warm up your muscles but do it in slow pace. Jumping rope is a good option to start with. You may also walk for five to ten minutes.

Our Sample Kickboxing Workout Routine

You can try this simple kickboxing workout routine. It is easy to follow and suitable for beginners. Do it for twenty to thirty minutes and increase the intensity level gradually.

First do four sharp jabs in a stationary position. Then do four jabs to the front and four jabs to the side. Next do four jabs forward and side. Now it is time for kicks.

Do low kicks with right legs of three sets and repeat it with left leg. Next do high kicks with right leg three times and repeat it with left leg. Now do a cross, after that a hook and finish the cycle with an upper jab.

Cool Down And Stretching After Workout

Cooling down and stretching after workout is important because it helps your muscles to relax and prevents injury. You can do any low impact cardio to cool down after a vigorous kickboxing workout.

Photo Credit: magazine.wsj.com