Effective Tips To Do Push-UP With A Ball

If you want to make the traditional push-up more effective and challenging then do it with an exercise ball. It is an excellent upper-body exercise that targets your chest muscles as well as abdominal and butt muscles.

Though doing push-ups with an exercise ball increases its difficulty level but it gives you the desired result more quickly.  So, try push-up with a ball to strengthen and tone up your chest, shoulders, back, triceps and core.

Moreover, your glutes and legs will also be strong as they help you in maintaining stable position on ball. It is recommended that you gradually progress from traditional push-up to push-up with a ball.

Do not try to do push-up with an exercise ball until you master the traditional push-up. Though there are couples of different options available, here we discuss only some basic techniques of doing push-up with an exercise ball.

Position Your Body

Before starting exercise it is very important to position your body properly. Bring the exercise ball to your work place and place your spotter to hold it correctly. Now get into the floor and place both palms on the side making sure that your fingers are facing forward.

Then lift your feet up with the help of the spotter and place them on the centre of the exercise ball. To get the best result you have to keep your spine in a straight line. In order to make a straight diagonal line from your head to your feet you need to keep your hips and lower back raised.

Traditional Push-up with Exercise Ball

Try this basic form of traditional push-up with exercise ball. Place your hands directly under your shoulder. Now start push-up by bending your arms. Lower your upper body down and keep your back straight.

Stop when your upper arms come parallel to the ground. Now, push through your hands to return to the starting position. Repeat it ten times, take rest and start again.

Other Effective Tips To Do Push-ups

Plank Push-up

First, place a medium sized stability ball on the floor and kneel before it. Now, place your hands on the ball and keep some distance between your hands. Keep your legs extended straight behind you making a straight plank position. Your toes should be tucked under so that they can push into the floor.

Now, slowly lower down your torso towards the ball by bending your hands. Stop when your upper arms come parallel to the floor. You also need to stop if you feel that you are losing the proper form. Return to the starting position by pushing through your arms. Recommended repetitions are ten.

Pike Push-Up

Place the ball on the floor. Now, bend your knees and place your stomach on the ball.You will be in the proper position when your shins will be on the ball and your hands will be flat on the floor.

Lift your hips and lower back by pushing your hands into the floor. When you lift your hips the ball should be drawn towards the upper body. The top of your feet should remain on the ball all the time. Now, go back slowly to the starting position. Repeat it ten times.

Photo Credit: realsimple.com