Effective Weight Reduction Tips for Obese People

When the body fat gets accumulated in excess in the body it leads to a medical condition called obesity. Being obese is not just a physical problem but also a psychological and social problem. In obesity the body mass index is ≥ 30 Kg/m². This poses a health risk as obese individuals can easily develop arthritis, high blood pressure, breathlessness, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus.

One of the best remedies for weight loss is exercise. Exercise has multifold benefits. Normally, we gain weight when our energy intake is greater than energy expenditure.  Exercising helps to increase our energy expenditure and creates a negative energy balance.

Obese people can face many problems if they don’t follow a proper exercise program. Shortness of breath, stress injuries, lack of body flexibility, intolerance to heat and lack of balance while performing exercises are some of the problems that can be overcome if a personalized exercise program is followed. Training in cardio respiratory exercises like cycling, walking, jogging, swimming and running will not only help skeletal muscles to burn fat for energy but also prevent muscle loss.

Time duration and intensity of exercises must be increased gradually to prevent stress injury and other health difficulties. This will also help the body to adapt to the new physiological changes easily. Cardio respiratory fitness must be brought about gradually for long lasting effects. This can be done by exercising in cool environment and working out a little lesser than maximum capacity.

Regular weight training
will replace fat with muscles. Once the muscle mass increases, the body’s metabolic rate at rest also increases. This will facilitate further weight loss.
Weight and fat loss can be achieved by following a low intensity and long duration exercise regime. This will prevent wasting of muscles, make weight loss programs effective and prevent unwanted burn outs and injuries.

Exercises that allow 250Kcal energy expenditure and a diet that allows 250 or 500kcal energy deficit daily will be an effective plan for weight loss. Regular exercising also helps to decrease appetite in the long run.

It is not only important to lose weight; it is equally important to maintain the weight loss permanently. For this diet, exercise, commitment, discipline, self evaluation, family support, lifestyle and behavior modification are needed for sure shot results.