Effective Workouts For Side Abs

Effective Workouts For Side AbsHealth and looks are gaining more importance in the current trend.A fit and perfectly shaped body is what every person who exercise is striving for. There are various forms of exercises that one can adapt such as gym, yoga, aerobics, cycling, dance, swimming, etc., and every form has its own set of side ab exercises. Let us discuss some of the ab exercises, which would reduce the ab even in the sides, which would make you have a flat stomach.

Some Effective Workouts For Side Abs

Doing Side Crunch Exercises

Normally the side crunch exercises are to be done on the floor for maximum effects.

The Steps Are As Follows

Lie down on the right side of your body with legs and arms stretched so that your head is resting on your right arm. Let your hips, ankles, and shoulders form a straight line.

Fold your left arm and hold behind your head. Slowly raise your body towards your left side (crunch) and try to touch your left hip with your left elbow that is folded. Make sure your head and legs are still straight, as this would give the maximum effect to the muscles.Feel the pull in the left ab muscles as you do the exercise.

Now slowly come back to the lying position.Repeat this step for at least 5 times for the beginning and as the days go by, increase the count.Now, turn towards your left side and repeat the whole process for your right side ab crunches.

After a few days, to give your muscles more challenge, while doing the crunches, lift up your leg too; i.e., while you are bending towards left side, lift up your left leg and for right side, life up your right leg.

Side Abs Workout

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Side-Bend Exercise

This can be done by standing on the floor with or without dumbbells depending on your stamina. If you are a beginner, start without dumbbells and slow progress to using dumbbells. A resistance cable also can be used.

The Steps Are As Follows

Stand straight with your feet apart. Let the distance be as wide as your hip.Tuck in and squeeze your abs. Hold a dumbbell (optional) or a rope tightly stretched between your hands.

As you inhale, bend towards your left and as you exhale come back straight. Repeat for 5 to 20 times based on your stamina and comfort.Do the same on the right side for 5 to 20 counts.Feel the pull and contraction of the muscles on the opposite sides in each exercise.

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Rotation Exercise

This exercise works on both your internal as well as external muscles.Lie flat on your back with bent knees and feet placed on the floor. Hold both your hands to have your fingers placed on your ears without holding. Without putting pressure on your neck, exhale and gently lift your head to touch your forehead on your knees. Inhale and go back to the floor.

Repeat 5 To 20 counts.

The key for any exercise is to have your mind and body aligned during exercise and to feel the changes that happen inside and outside. Also never over do any exercise and just listen to your body.

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