Effects Of Bodybuilding On The Overall Growth Of An Adolescent

One of the biggest concerns among parents and also their children is whether or not their child is going through the correct exercising patterns. They often panic thinking of the fact that if their child is not working under the proper directions, they might fall prey to stunt growths and other such adverse effects.

This thought is quite well, public. But is this thing for real? Or is it just kind of a myth? Science has made its way proving this to be completely fabled. Some of the researchers believe that this idea once originated in the remote parts of Japan.

People there started believing that strenuous exercises during this adolescent period can lead to the damage of the growth plates of children. If this happens, the child would have a decreased growth overall and a lessened stature. The survey which led to this belief included child labors from heavy mountainous areas.

These children worked for several hours with very less nutrition and worked with heavy loads of materials. This survey finally led to the conclusion that heavy strenuous exercises during this adolescent period finally lead to the destruction of growth plates and as a result the growth is severely hampered in children.

Contrary to this, scientists proved that heavy strenuous exercises can actually increase the density and mass of bones in adolescents. Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones lose their mineral mass thus making it spongy and more and more brittle.

This disease is growing constantly and has been affecting more than twenty million people only in America. When you are not taking sufficient calcium through your diets, your body takes it from your bones.

Can Strength Training Lead To Other Types Of Injuries?

Another type of concern that constantly haunts parents all over the world is that if their child goes for stunt training and becomes more prone to injuries. Researchers have proved that children who are engaged in such strenuous work are not any more prone than any other child who is not into these activities. All of them have more or less the same affinity for such conditions.

Proper Approach Is One Very Essential Criterion

Adolescent training can be very helpful, but with special care and affection towards your system. Many particulars are to be kept in mind when training an adolescent.

The number of repeats, the number of sets, amount of the weights and goals, motivation, etc.; are some of the very common tasks to set. Here are some of the very basic steps regarding these.

The Number Of Days

In the beginning, an adolescent training must not be more than three days in total for a particular week. Once the person is experienced, this can be stretched to almost four to five days.

This schedule is very important for an adolescent bodybuilding regime to avoid over training and fatigue. It is true that if you are young, you can bounce back. But, that does not mean that you need to test it around every time.

The Length Of A Session

For adolescent people, one hour is more than what is needed. But, under no circumstances must the training cross over 90 minutes. Maybe you have the young strength to withstand the pressure, but that does not mean that you are unbeatable.

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If you exert too much pressure on your body then the final result will be that you will have to spend way more days getting yourself back in form and fully recovered.

The Reps And Weights

These are the most difficult things to get disciplined during adolescent bodybuilding training. This is mainly because of one reason that you need to try out various weights and reps and find out which one suits you the best. It is not necessary that what suits me will suit you.

It can always be different for different individuals. This can always be taking about a month or so. Do not get irritated or agitated and break the steak. Every particular individual goes through this phase.

Setting Your Goal

As all bodybuilders do and like all exercises have, a goal is very important. Goals must be realistic and the need to be achievable within a very short span of time.

This does not mean that you will have a superb muscular structure within a month of time. It is just that you need to compare the difference that occurs within the passing weeks and understand the change.

Results of Such Pressures

In case of professional bodybuilders, the achievement is always about getting healthy and competing for better and better performances in their field of work.

But, the adolescent bodybuilders have just one motive and that is to impress the people of opposite sex. There is no wrong in this. In fact, self esteem in the youth is a very important need and if this helps in building it, then it is more than good.

Benefits From Strength Training

Any person, be it a child or a grownup has the same kind of benefit from a heavy training, and that is increased strength. Benefits do not always symbolize the growth of muscles in size. The teenagers who engage themselves into these strength exercises are highly benefited by the neuromuscular development.

This development corresponds to the working power of their muscles. Since they are quite young and their androgen levels are low, therefore their growth is limited in case of muscle size.

Strength training in children of this age is therefore training for their nervous system. The nervous system is taught activate pumping motors in the muscles. The more the number of motors that are activated each time, the more is the strength.

The Best Guidelines In A Summary

Work out to build your body and not to destroy its abilities. So never work out for more than an hour and three days a week. One of the toughest jobs while you build your body is to figure out the reps and weights. The best method is to go for more reps with lesser weights.

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