Eight Best Foods to Upgrade Your Health

Choosing the right healthy food for consumption is very important to develop a healthy body and lifestyle. There are many super foods which many ignore to place in the daily consumption cart but which provide immense benefits to health. A daily dose of these easily available foods promises a better health and energetic body.

Cabbage is a vegetable loaded with valuable nutrients. One cup of chopped cabbage has 22 calories with many vitamins like sulforaphane, a chemical which increases the body’s production of enzymes that disarm cell-damaging free radicals and reduce the risks of cancer. People who prefer not to have cabbage in good quantities can consume them along with burgers and other similar foods.

Beets is another common vegetable ignored by many but beets are the best sources for both folate and betaine. These two nutrients work together to reduce the chances of damage to arteries and decreases the chances of heart diseases. Guava, another easily available fruit has a high concentration of lycopene which helps to fight prostate cancer. Guava is also the best fibre food to go for as it contains 9gm of fibre in every cup.

Cinnamon, a very commonly used spice helps to control blood sugar and indirectly reduces the chances for a heart disease. As it can be consumed by sprinkling into coffee or oat meal, daily dose of Cinnamon can be easily ensured in your diet. It also helps in reducing the chances of hazards due to cholesterol. Pomegranate juice is the best medicine to increase the blood flow to the heart.

Studies have showed that people who consume Pomegranate juice daily decreased their systolic blood pressure considerably. Daily consumption of pomegranate juice would provide your body with all required amounts of Vitamin C. Goji berries are the favorite pick among medicinal food. These fruits though sweet, do not increase the risks of diabetes.

Dried plums contain large amounts of acids which help in combating the damage causing radicals in the body. These are best choice to prevent the chances of cancer. Pumpkin seeds are considered as the waste parts of the pumpkin but they contain good levels of magnesium which is vital in lowering the chances of early death.