Exciting Salads For Everyday Diet

If you are planning to lose your weight then it is a good option to select a diet plan that will reduce the intake of calories. It is known to many that salads contain lower amount of calories. So many people are including salads in their everyday diet in order to lose some of their extra fat.However,lots of people think that it is difficult to stick to salad diets as they are predictable and bland.

It is tough to resist temptation when you are following a particular diet plan. You need to avoid the high calorie meals that you generally eat. It can become highly boring to eat the same salad every day. However, you can select from various salad recipes that can be an excellent part of your everyday diet.

There is a wide range of vegetables that are available in the market and so it is not hard to find variety in your salad diet. You can apply different types of dressing into your salads and it would not ruin your diet. While you are looking to prepare your salads you must consider the healthy options.You cn use olive oil for your salad recipes in your everyday diet.

Salads Will Provide You With Fibers

Incorporating salads in your everyday diet is highly beneficial for your health. You can become creative by including your favorite green vegetables in your salads along with fat-free dressing. You can easily prepare salad that will provide your daily requirements of vegetables.

There are lots of benefits that you can obtain by eating delicious salads in your everyday diet. Consumption of salads on a daily basis can provide you with an increased amount of fiber.The fiber that is obtained from leafy green vegetables can lower down the intake of cholesterol.

Thus salads in everyday diet can also help you in proper bowel movement. Increased fiber is great for people who want to lose their extra fat. Fibers present in the salads can suppress your appetite and make you feel to be full for a long period of time.

Consuming salad before your meal is recommended as it will reduce the intake of calorie during a meal. So, salad is the best option in an everyday diet plan for a healthy living.

Right Amount Of Vegetables And Fruits

In case of most people their everyday diet does not involve the right amount of vegetables and fruits. Eating salads on daily basis will help you to achieve this. The proper dose of vegetables and fruits will deliver various nutrients that will nurture all the organs and cells in the human body.

Moreover green vegetables in your everyday diet will provide you with the antioxidants that can help your body to fight the free radicals. Thus it will enhance the immune system and there will be fewer chances of various illnesses. Healthy salads in everyday diet will ensure the consumption of the recommended amount of vegetables and fruits.

Salad In Your Daily Diet Should Be Healthy

Usually salads as an everyday diet are healthy but this actually depends on the ingredients that you use in your salad recipes. There are certain things commonly used in salads that contain fats and calories. Several toppings, which are used in salads, contain fats.

This can add a large amount of calories to your everyday diet. Besides this seeds and nuts also include lot of calories. You should also check the ingredients like fried chicken, cured meats and cheese.They contain saturated and unhealthy fats. If they are taken in excessive quantity then your arteries can be clogged up with cholesterol. This can result in health issues such as heart problems.


Many people have plain salads in their everyday diet with little bit salt sprinkled on them. However, this can become boring and so many people add some kind of dressing into their salads. This can include some salad cream or mayonnaise. A better option for a low fat dressing can be vinegar, lemon juice or natural yoghurt.

This can be mixed with salt, garlic, pepper and several herbs. Cider vinegar and olive oil is common in the Mediterranean countries. They protect the body from bad cholesterol. So you can apply the right dressing into your salad recipes in everyday diet.

Nutrients In salads

The salad leaves like lettuce contains low amount of calories. They can contain about 90 percent of water. At the same time they also contain a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins. This can keep you healthy and free from diseases. They can provide you with vitamins such as A and C along with minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and copper.

Salads in your everyday diet with a number of healthy ingredients will help your organs to function properly. It will also provide shine and glow to your external appearance. Powerful antioxidants present in raw vegetables and fruits will protect you from cancer and heart diseases. Leafy vegetables in everyday diet will also improve your circulation.

Green Leaves In Your Everyday Diet

There is no need to have the same old lettuce in your salad. There are various other green leaves that can be a part of your green recipes. You can use cos lettuce which has dark green colored leaves. They contain higher amount of beta carotenes.

Another leaf vegetable for your everyday diet is chicory. This leaf is rich in vitamin B. These crispy leaves provide the salad with a nice texture. You can also use curly endive or lamb’s lettuce. You may also add raw spinach in your salads. This is highly nutritious. Other leafy vegetables for your everyday diet can be lollo roso, watercress and radicchio.

Multicolor Ingredients

The appearance of your salads will make them more interesting as your everyday diet. You can use vegetable of different colors that will offer a wide range of nutrients. Tomatoes can be a great ingredient as they provide vitamin C. Besides you can also use carrot that is rich in vitamin A. You can also try corn, beet, red cabbage, snow peas and many other vegetables.Thus it is a great idea to include salads in your daily diet.