Exercise at Home With a Hoop

Do you and your kids do little or no exercising and lounge around all day watching the television and sitting on the computer. Lots of people cringe when they hear the word exercising. There are those who simply just detest it and the thought of getting out doing a work out seems boring. Do not worry there is something you and the kids can do at home and get a good workout.

Everyone has heard of a hoop. Most have it at home as a toy for the kids to play with. But you will be amazed at what a good workout it can give you. Just as you would learn a sport you need to learn how to use a hoop. It can do wonders for your waist.  Pick half an hour a day with the kids and work with the hoop.  A hoop is a circular ring that is very light weight. First you need to stand in the centre of it and hold it with both hands.

It then needs to be placed on one side of the torso and you need to get the spinning effect correctly. You will need to move your waist gently in a circulation motion not allowing the hoop to fall off. This is tough and can take quite a while; but practise makes perfect so stay at it. It is quite tiring and you will be perspiring in no time.

Once you have mastered the art of doing it you can do it for however long you want and can be rest assured that you are getting a good amount of exercise. It is great fun once you learn it and you can start having competitions at home with the kids on who can do it for a longer time. The kids will enjoy doing it with you and they begin to practise more and more to get better than you.

It is something the kids and you can do even while watching the television. So the kids are exercising and staying fit even when they are staying at home. It is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of exercising and toning up and getting that sexy waist.