Exercise – Essential For Keeping Fit

Our bodies are adapted for regular, vigorous exercise, but in today’s push button, microchip, automated world it all too often does not get it.

Exercise helps to keep bones, joints and muscles young. It can reduce the risk of heart attacks, and increase the chances of survival if you suffer one. It helps slimming by burning up the energy in food, and works off the tension of everyday living. It can help to keep you in a healthy state of mind and cut down anxiety and depression. Above all it promotes fitness.

Importance Of Exercising:

Increases The Suppleness Of The Body

Exercising regularly makes the body supple, and the more supple the body becomes the more easily one can stretch and move their joints.
Suppleness exercises stretch and loosen the muscles that work the joints, strengthen the ligaments and help in the overall toning of the body. Activities that develop suppleness include yoga and gymnastics.

Develops Strength

Strength is simply muscle power and can be developed by exercising muscles against resistance. For instance, weightlifting, push-ups and bicycling help in increasing body strength. Broadly, the more resistance a muscle meets when it contracts, the more its individual fibres come into play. Muscles that are regularly exercised against resistance respond to becoming stronger.

Builds Stamina

Stamina means endurance and it is the most fundamental component of fitness. Any activity involving the rhythmic contraction of large muscles, such as those of the legs requires stamina. It is said that stamina improves the work productivity of a person and helps combating stress.
Activities such as swimming and aerobics help in building stamina.

Lose Excess Weight

Regular exercise helps lose weight, the more surplus fat you lose the more comfortable and confident you will be. So combine your fitness program with a sensible dietary regime to shed all the excess weight and remain fit.

The whole point of exercise and fitness is to increase your enjoyment of life. Apart from the physical benefit of exercise, research shows that exercise can help relieve anxiety and lift depression. Exercising regularly and being fit also helps to combat degenerative diseases. Whereas, on the other hand inactivity can lead to problems like muscle and joint stiffness, obesity, palpitation and can also increase the risk of a heart attack. Therefore, regular and moderately vigorous activities for about 20 minutes a day can reduce the likely hood of all these conditions.