Exercise to Ease Leg Cramps

Ease Leg Cramps Some people suffer from back and knee pain which is very common. Some people also suffer from leg pain and it can be quite a problem. Of course you will not be able to do your normal exercise routines or work out at the gym especially with the nagging pain. However there are some very easy exercises that you can do at home to reduce and also cure the leg pain and cramps that are bothering you.

Do these exercise every morning for three months and you will find that there is a marked difference. Lie on the bed or the ground but not using a pillow. Keep both your legs outstretched. Bend the leg that is hurting you taking support with your hands; you can hold your thigh for support. Bring the knee close to your nose and gently move your leg forward and back for about twelve counts.

The next exercise is to bend the leg that is hurting and Hold the thigh and point the knee to the ceiling keeping that position push your toes towards the ceiling and do this also about ten times . You will instantly find the exercise will make the leg pain less almost immediately. The last of the exercises for the pain is to sit on the bed. Keep the strong leg on the ground and the other one on the bed. Keep the leg straight on the bed and support it with a pillow under the knee area. In this position try and touch your toes. Do this a few time as well. The exercises will not take more than ten minutes.

If you feel any pull in the leg during the exercises it means that you are stretching too much. You should be able to do each of the exercises comfortably. It is not important to keep your legs absolutely straight or even necessary to touch your toes. Just go as much as you can seeing that there is no pain.

Make these exercises a part of your routine if you do get pain in the leg occasionally as otherwise the pain only can get worse.