Exercises For The Abdomen, Buttocks And Thighs Makes You Look Perfect

This is an era of shortcuts, no joke in that. But people have become shortcut addicts because of a relevant reason. They, like every individual, feel that 24 hours is too less to make a day.

They lack time. Now, when people don’t have time for themselves, the few minutes that they squeeze out of their lives are for working on their upper body, so that their shirt fits on fine and gives off the right shape.

They don’t think about upgrading their lower body because they think that it won’t give much radiance to their looks. It’s quite otherwise you see. The lower body supports the whole body, it gives us a definite shape, gives us balance, and make us move from one place to another with ease.

Reasons for neglecting the lower muscles may also be that, the soreness in lower muscles, after one does the exercise, stays for longer periods, and in higher concentration in comparison to upper-body muscles. So how do we exercise, so that our abdomen, buttocks & thighs make us look perfect? Come aboard and let’s find out.

Some exercises, which can target more than one area at a time, called compound exercises may help you in your venture along with cardio exercises.

These muscles (abdominal muscles) dictate our posture. The alignment of our spine, our shoulder position and the position of our head, all depend on these muscles.

First let’s start with shedding the fat deposits on our thighs and buttocks.

Calorie Intake:

If you want to lose those fat deposits; you’d better start cutting on the calories. First take an overview of your normal calorie intake, and what food costs how much calorie.

Instead of going on a diet, and losing consciousness in the middle of the street, cut down on unnecessary calorie intake. Eat food with less calorie but high nutrient value.

If you hate eating fruits and green vegetables this is the perfect time to start eating them. Also make a habit of having cereals, whole-grain breads beans, brown rice, lean poultry, seafood, and low-fat dairy.

Restricting yourself to a less and calorie intake throughout the week, you can treat yourself to a favorite meal of yours at the end of the week.

Exercise To Burn The Fat:

Reserve a healthy amount of time for those cardio exercises. 4-5 times a week and cardio exercises can do you wonders. For example, make a habit of jogging in the mornings, or instead of taking the bus or taxi to your workplace try walking.

Biking, Step aerobics, jogging, spinning, and climbing stairs are very good for thigh and buttocks muscles.

Building the Muscles:

Now, let’s move on to building those muscles, at their designated places.

Resistance Exercise

Some muscles, like, for example, quadriceps in our thigh region, stays below a layer of fat. To reach and shape those muscles to your liking, you will have to do exercises concentrating only to those areas.

To shape the thigh muscles you may consider activities like swimming, dance, circuit training, water aerobics, etc. A plus point in this type of exercises is that, during the ‘shaping’ of your thigh muscles you will also be shaping up your abdomen and buttocks.

Wall Squats:

This exercise is done with a stability ball. The stability ball forces you to engage your abdominal muscles, to maintain balance, which places emphasis on your buttocks and thighs. Pressing the ball into the wall with your mid-back, hold the dumbbells at your sides.

Step forward slightly and space your feet at your shoulder’s width and lower yourself down by bending your knees then bring your thighs parallel to the floor and stand up. Do a repeat of about 10 to 12 times.

Photo Credit: exercisestolosefat.org

Walking Lunges:

This exercise works on both your thigh and buttocks. Take two dumbbells, one in each hand, and hang both the hands loose by side. Then keeping the hands hanging take a step forward until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Stand up, and proceed with the next leg. Do a repeat of 10-12 times.

Abdominal Pull-Ins:

This exercise mainly targets your abdomen region. Your arms should be fully extended, and your back straight, for this exercise. With an exercise ball in place, put your lower shins on top of the ball and place your hands beside you in line with your shoulders.

Now try to roll the ball towards you and draw your knees into your chest. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and then return to original position. Do a repeat of 15-20 times.

Glute Kickbacks:

The muscles in our buttocks are otherwise known as Glutes. Get on the floor with all four of your limbs i.e. legs and hands. Take care that your hands are directly below your shoulders and your legs below your buttocks.

Now raise one leg towards the ceiling as high as you can, all the while keeping a slight bend in your knees. Slowly lower your leg and repeat with the other leg. Do a repeat of 10-12 times.

Hamstring Curls:

This one is also done on a stability ball, and this targets two of your muscles, hamstrings and glutes. Lie face up on the floor with your hands relaxed by your side, and your lower back legs on the ball.

Now slowly lift your hips, and pull the stability ball towards your buttocks. When they are close to your buttocks lift your abdomen a little bit higher and try squeezing your glutes forcefully. Slowly release the muscles involved and get back to the original position.

V-up Exercises:

This exercise, simultaneously, works on your lower and upper abs. Lie down relaxed and with your hands outstretched above your head, now slowly pull your hands and legs up to fold the body into a V-shape.

Only your buttocks should be the muscle that’s touching, on, the ground now. If possible, try touching the hands and legs for a second or so. These are the jewels from the world of exercises to bring out the shape of the lower body and build it to perfection. Try these and see if you get the Abdomen, buttocks & Thighs that make you look perfect.

Photo Credit: exercisestolosefat.org