Exercises In Menstrual Cycle And Periods

Periods And ExercisesExercises for women are special because they have important period cycle when their body becomes much more delicate than normal times. Most women have a feeling that they should not exercise in those odd five days but that is completely a myth. Depending on personal situations, you can lightly exercise and it is seen to have good effects on the body.

The flow in the periods is something that determines the exercises that can be done. However if you are regular at the gym sessions, you have to skip that in your periods.

The cycle of the periods

Menses make the body weak as there is constant loss of energy. Women who face cramps and bloated bleeding have sometimes severe pain which is often handled with medication. There are also many women who face pain in their odd days due to scanty bleeding. Whatever be the case, your body demands rest and sleep for long hours. In fact, the mental levels also change with the physical cycle. PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome is the change in the mental state of mind due to the change in the hormonal levels. Women tend to get easily annoyed and irritated two days before the periods and the first three days. In case the periods are delayed for more than a week, things like headaches and loose motions can happen before the bleeding starts. PMS can be easily calmed with meditation and exercise.

Exercises in periods- Yes or no?

You might be wondering whether you should start exercising in your periods or not. The answer depends on how you lead the rest 25 days of the month. If you are a regular exerciser who loves to stay fit, your trainer will himself tell you to start with simple things in the menses. This is essential because if you lose the flow of the workout, you will feel very lethargic to again resume the routine. If you have heavy bleeding in the first two days, sit back and relax. Do not work out if you have pain in the abdomen and get very sticky periods. Also don’t start any new exercise before your period date because once the bleeding starts, the sync and regularity with vanish and you will lose the interest. Take help from a gynecologist if you think you have problems with irregular periods or use regular birth control systems. Women, after a delivery, often workout heavily to lost the pregnancy fat which needs to be done and monitored under a doctor and trainer together.

Exercises for every woman in periods


Running and jogging are a strict no-no in your periods. But walking is something that every doctor suggests to women. There are many benefits of walking. Firstly, your body will be in movement and will not get lazy.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Secondly, you will have smooth blood flow which will reduce the pain. All the muscles in our body needs exercising and when you walk, you are actually inducing movements in the ovular and related muscles. This can be very effective in regularizing the flow and ensure that clots in the blood don’t pain you.

Yoga and stretches

You can easily stretch your upper body in your periods safely. Yoga in small measures can help you a lot in easing the body muscles. Neck, hands and shoulders can easily be regulated with yoga and you can include some exercises for your legs as well without straining your abdomen muscles.


This is perhaps the simplest thing that you can do in your menses. Find the most peaceful location in your home or local parks and start meditating. If you are regular at heavy breathing exercises, avoid them for the first three days and go for silent meditation. You can sit in any comfortable position and concentrate your mind on some positive thing. Feel the breathing and flow of energy within the body. Start with five minutes at a stretch and then increase it as much as you can. You will see that you have controlled your PMS effects and have better understanding of your body. You can do some mind powering yoga breathing to gather a positive aura around you.

Exercises to avoid in your periods

You have to be very particular about the things that you should avoid on the start of menses. Avoid squatting, Pilates, crunches, sit ups, running, using weights and heavy breathing. These things can increase the pain and blood flow and cause even loss of energy. Avoid gym for the first three days and stop taking supplements as well. All types of inverted poses need to be avoided. As for the stretches, try not to hold any position for a long time. In general if you hold a stretch for 30 seconds, in your periods hold it for just 10 seconds. Swimming is a natural full body exercise which can be done after first three days. However ensure that the flow gets reduced and only then, you can hit the pool.

Female body is complex and needs a lot more attention than men. Menses change the body metabolism and mental temperament without notice. Since twenties is the most fertile period in a woman’s life, taking care from that stage can help in keeping the body fit for the late thirties and during the menopause phrase.

Exercises are essential to strengthen the muscles and regulate the body fat. If you think that you don’t have the energy of going out in those heavy days, start doing some household chores. Often extreme leisure is bad for periods. A simple trick to reduce periods flow after first three days is to chew 2-3 whole black pepper. This will not just reduce the blood flow but also help in pain. However, this is to be once only in extreme cases and not in every month. Also keep yourself hydrated if you are exercising. Take ample water and juices and take food that is rich in iron. This includes apple, pomegranates and bananas in fruits and beetroot in vegetables. Exercise in balance and have a happy period!

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